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  • Sunday, March 12, 2006

    Scene by scene summary of THERE IS NO OTHER WAY

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    1. Mary Alice talks about how Paul always knew how to anticipate what was coming up. We see him at home and then--
    2. FLASHBACK - Paul was one of the first to adopt Velcro
    3. FLASHBACK - Paul was one of the first to anticipate the three-dollar cup of coffee.
    4. FLASHBACK - Paul also used bottled water first.
    5. Back in the present, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Detective Sullivan, who tells Paul he’s taking him downtown for questioning concerning credit card fraud. Paul exits, and Felicia’s watching.
    6. At the police station, Sullivan’s told that he must book Paul elsewhere, as the computers are down.
    7. Sullivan puts Paul in the back of a truck, where a couple creeps give him a hello from Deidre’s father -- and then they attack Paul.

    1. Mary Alice talks about Bree’s weekly routine…
    2. Bree cleans on Tuesdays…
    3. pays bills on Wednesdays…
    4. does laundry on Thursdays…
    5. And she rewards herself with a drink. Outside, Gabrielle Lynette, and Susan are discussing Bree.
    6. Lynette’s told the women about what happened with Bree and her kids. As Lynette drives off to work as Bree comes out and wants to know what Lynette was talking about. She teases it out that Lynette mentioned the alcohol issue but Bree lies about her alcohol use. As Bree leaves, Susan and Gabrielle mention they could smell alcohol on her breath.
    7. Tom does a presentation -- badly. Lynette looks bored and questions it being too similar to another campaign. But Lynette thinks there’s room for improvement.
    8. Later Tom talks to Lynette privately. She maintains he did a half-assed job and she knows he was wrapped up with his game on TV the night before instead of working on his presentation.
    9. At the hospital, Susan’s greeted by Dr. Ron and her surgeon -- whose hand is in a cast. Dr. Ron is going to do the surgery with the other doctor aiding. Nurse Heisel brings in a huge bouquet of flowers Dr. Ron bought. He’s been thinking of his future with Susan and expressed his feelings on the card. After he leaves, Susan reads the card and the nurse wants to read it too. She seems to love the card more than Susan does…
    10. Gabrielle and Carlos meet with an adoption counselor who informs them that it’s the birth mother who chooses the parent, not the other way around. They’ll have to come up with a parent portfolio featuring pictures and character references. Gabrielle doesn’t like the idea that a slutty cheerleader could get knocked up and then be put into the position of getting to choose her baby’s parent.
    11. Andrew finds Bree outside, drinking. He wants a car, and can get it, if Bree lets him have access to his trust fund before he’s 21. Bree refuses. After Andrew notes Bree’s on her 3rd glass of wine before noon and calls her a mean old drunk, Bree slaps him.

    1. Susan wakes up in her hospital bed to find Karl reading (and mocking) Dr. Ron’s card to her. She admits she likes Dr. Ron, but she’s not ready to be in love with him just yet. Susan and Karl trade barbs. As Karl exits, he makes a comment to Nurse Heisel about Susan being his wife.
    2. Gabrielle and Carlos are looking for wholesome pictures of themselves but all the photos are of them being naked, or smoking, or drinking. What can they do? Gabrielle comes up with a plan.
    3. Gabrielle and Carlos have gone to Lynette, and they want her to write a letter about why they should be parents. They’ve also brought Lynette wine as a gift. They also get permission to be named godparents to Lynette’s kids. And they want pictures of themselves with Lynette’s kids…
    4. Felicia and Mike meet up outside. She reveals she came back to take care of some old business. He learns from her that Paul was taken away by the police. They see Zach is on the phone…
    5. Mike and Noah talk on the phone, and Noah suggests Paul’s been taken care of. As the call ends, Mike gets out his gun…
    6. The Scavo family’s having dinner at home. Tom tells his wife the meatloaf is burnt, and wants her to admit she didn’t give dinner her best effort, because no one can be doing 100% all the time. Lynette apologizes to Tom in hopes of getting past their issues, then asks the kids how they like the meatloaf, and they think it’s too salty…
    7. Andrew’s put a ring on Justin’s finger. Then Justin punches Andrew! Andrew insists Justin do it again, if he loves him. And Justin hits Andrew again.

    1. In their bedroom, Tom and Lynette want to turn around their day--with sex! He kisses her and they get on the bed. First, he’s on top, but then she ends up on top. Tom pulls away and says that he can tell she always needs to be on top! They try again until Tom accuses her of bracing his leg to keep from being put on bottom. He claims she’s always in charge of everything, and she responds by saying he needs to step up. Tom goes to check on their kids…
    2. Nurse Heisel goes to check Susan’s blood pressure, but presses it far too hard. The nurse reveals she knows Susan’s married! She calls Susan a skank. Susan tries to pull herself up to go to the nurse as she exits, but is tangled up in all the machines she’s hooked up to. Susan finally makes her way to the nurse’s station and confesses her marriage fraud. The nurse changes her tune about Susan and tells Susan that Dr. Ron is working up the courage to tell Susan he loves her.
    3. Bree finds Mr. Bormanis, a lawyer, in her house. He’s been hired by Andrew who claims his black eye was caused by Bree hitting him.
    4. Later, the three are sitting down. Andrew plans on getting emancipated so he can have access to his trust fund. Bree needs time to think about this.
    5. At the adoption agency, Gabrielle and Carlos look at the pictures of them with Lynette’s kids. They’re invites back to see their counselor…as Helen Rowland, John’s mother, sees them.
    6. Meeting with the counselor, Gabrielle and Carlos can’t remember all of Lynette’s kids’ names. Enter Helen, who tells the counselor she knows Gabrielle--because Gabrielle raped her son. And Carlos was in prison! Helen makes it obvious she’ll make sure Gabrielle and Carlos will never adopt anywhere.

    1. At the hospital, Susan tells Lynette she’s going to break up with Dr. Ron because there’s no thunderbolt between them. But Susan talks herself into concluding that the thunderbolt between her and Karl and Mike went badly, and Dr. Ron can provide the stability she needs. Lynette still loves the thunderbolt, though!
    2. Carlos doesn’t think they’re ever going to be parents now, but Gabrielle’s willing to do anything to get a baby. This is the first time Carlos has ever felt Gabrielle wanted a baby, and that’s because no one ever told her she couldn’t have one. Gabrielle is sure there are ways to get babies…if you can afford to pay.
    3. Mike’s with Zach when Felicia comes to the door with macaroons. She wants to make amends between her and Zach. That’s when a car drives up and Paul gets out.
    4. FLASHBACK -- Paul is attacked in the truck, but he attacks back.
    5. As Paul approaches the house and Zach runs to hug him, Paul takes a macaroon and asks how Felicia knew he loved them. Felicia looks appropriately stunned.

    1. Paul and Mike discuss Noah. Paul plans to be gone by morning, but Mike says there’s no use in leaving, as Noah surely has someone watching, and he has cops on his side. Zach’s listening on the stairs as Mike tells Paul to let Zach and Noah meet. Paul’s against this idea but Noah comes down and agrees to meet Noah.
    2. Tom and Lynette are about to exit the elevator when Tom pulls her back in and brings the machine to a halt. He apologizes for his behavior to this point and knows this is his issue to deal with. She kisses him and he kisses back, wanting to go even further. She thinks they can’t do this, but this is him being in charge, so they continue.
    3. Carlos and Gabrielle are with an adoption lawyer who’s going to use unconventional methods to get them a child, as soon as they can provide proof of their interest in doing so. Gabrielle proves this by giving him a $20,000 check.
    4. Noah meets with Zach for the first time, as Mike stands there too. Noah admits to his efforts to kill Paul, and Zach tells his grandfather he’ll never see him again if he tries to harm his father. Noah’s pleased Zach’s resorted to blackmail, but wonders which father Zach was talking about. Zach thinks the only father he ever wants is Paul. And then, Noah asks if Zach and Mike are up for some meaningless small talk….

    1. Mike walks into the hospital waiting room with flowers where Karl teases him. Karl tells Mike about Dr. Ron’s card to Susan and claims Susan loved it. Susan’s wheeled out for surgery and insists on talking with Mike first. She’s all drugged up and is incredibly touched Mike showed up. As she’s led away for surgery, Mike exits, not caring about his flowers anymore.
    2. Dr. Ron, the other surgeon, and Susan are about to do the surgery. He ends up telling Susan he loves her, but she returns the favor by…saying she loves Mike! Who’s Mike? As Susan babbles on about Mike and love, Nurse Heisel admits that Susan’s married to someone named Karl. The other surgeon is ready to begin surgery, and Dr. Ron says, “Let’s cut this bitch open.”
    3. Bree’s dumping out her wine, and Andrew learns it’s because of their hearing in 4 weeks. She’s going to AA tomorrow, because perception is reality, and people perceive she has a drinking problem, so she’s going to pretend she’s a recovering alcoholic. She’s not done with Andrew yet, even as he wants her to let him go. He calls his mother a stone cold bitch and she tosses a wine bottle at the wall. Andrew tells his mother he hates her, but Bree takes that as a good sign, because the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. She believes she still has a chance to set things right with him.
    4. Mary Alice talks about Bree’s routine…she still cleans on Tuesdays…
    5. Pays the bills on Wednesdays…
    6. Does the laundry on Thursdays…
    7. But now, on Fridays, she drives away…
    8. to an AA meeting. Bree tells the group she’s an alcoholic, but Mary Alice says Bree didn’t really believe it.
    9. And after the AA meeting, Bree comes home and rewards herself with a drink.


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