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  • Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Scene by scene summary of THANK YOU SO MUCH

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    1. Susan sits at her table as Mary Alice says Susan believed the punishment should fit the crime.
    2. FLASHBACK: Susan finds lipstick on Karl’s shirt collar.
    3. FLASHBACK: Susan destroys Karl’s trophy with a vise and hammer.
    4. FLASHBACK: Susan burns Karl’s dress shoes on a BBQ.
    5. FLASHBACK: Susan runs over Karl’s golf clubs with her car.
    6. Susan’s sitting at her table with Karl and Julie. He reminds his soon-to-be-wife that they have to keep quiet about their nuptials, as this is insurance fraud. Julie thinks the marriage is a mistake and insists that it be a business arrangement only. Karl wants Susan to find her wedding ring, and insists she find it, even after she says she threw it out her car window the night their marriage fell apart.
    7. Karl watches Susan as she uses a metal detector to find the ring in the brush by the side of the road.

    1. A depressed Bree sits at a restaurant table. She talks to her waiter, Tony, about the horrible events of her life and he convinces her to take a cab home. She wants some more wine before she goes.
    2. Bree arrives home thanks to a cab. She drops her keys on the grass, then kneels down to pick them up.
    3. Mrs. McCluskey finds Bree passed out on the lawn. She rings the Van De Kamp’s doorbell and gets Andrew, who’s nonchalant about his mother’s condition and takes care of the problem by turning on the sprinklers. Bree gets up quickly and runs inside.
    4. Lynette answers her door to find Mrs. McCluskey, who’s there to babysit as Tom and Lynette were called in to work for the weekend. Lynette didn’t know about this at all and gets Tom to follow her into the laundry room…
    5. where Lynette chews Tom out for hiring Mrs. McCluskey, who’s old and will be killed off by having to deal with the kids. Tom reminds her they have to be to work in an hour, and she should be quiet as it’s a thin door. Lynette insists she’ll hire someone else.
    6. Back in the living room, Lynette tells Mrs. McCluskey they don’t need her after all. As Mrs. M. leaves, she notes Tom’s right . . . it is a thin door.
    7. Gabrielle’s bringing several bags out of her car when she looks to the upper window of her home and sees Carlos talking to a woman in a towel. She runs inside…
    8. …where she finds wine and glasses downstairs…
    9. And upstairs she finds…her mother!

    1. Later, Gabrielle’s mother Lucia tells Gabrielle she had to shower because of the fat sweaty man sitting next to her on the plane. Gabrielle wonders why she isn’t with her latest rich husband; apparently, though, she left him, and is miffed Gabrielle doesn’t care. Lucia cheered herself up by buying new breasts, which she shows off to Gabrielle, who doesn’t want to see that! Carlos is charmed by Lucia, who goes upstairs; Gabrielle tells her husband her mother’s a monster.
    2. Susan’s scrubbing her wedding ring, but tosses it aside as Dr. Ron comes in, having spent the night. He has to go but tells her of their dinner plans for that night, while also saying they can move up her surgery. But Susan doesn’t want to do that, though she doesn’t mention it’s because she’s about to marry Karl. After Dr. Ron leaves, Susan feels bad about lying to Dr. Ron, but Julie convinces her she’s doing it for the right reason. Susan tells Julie to take the ring to Karl--and she’s to swallow it before letting Edie find it!
    3. Andrew teases his mother about his hangover, even as Bree claims she doesn’t have a hangover but did have a bad combo of antihistamines and alcohol. Danielle wonders why Bree couldn’t drink in her room alone instead. The doorbell rings -- it’s Lynette, who wants Bree to babysit her kids.
    4. Zach and Paul comment on Mary Alice’s beauty as they look at her wedding photo. Zach wonders if he looks like his biological mom or dad and Paul gets mad about this, not wanting his son to mention this any further.
    5. Noah’s in bed as Detective Sullivan is filling him in on Mary Alice and Paul putting Deirdre’s body in a toy trunk. Sullivan wonders if Noah wants Paul killed. Noah’s initially more interested in getting a MP3 player for Zach, but he then tells Sullivan to make sure that Paul gets a toy trunk of his own. Felicia is listening in to this from the next room.

    1. Downstairs, Edie calls up to Karl to clean his mess, but he’s busy watching his game. She’s not in a happy mood at all -- until she sees the engagement ring and pre-nup agreement in his briefcase. As Karl comes to clean his mess, Edie has a change of heart and tells him to enjoy his game.
    2. Bree wants Lynette’s twins to stop banging their toy piano, as she has a hangover. To help her hangover, Bree drinks more wine, as the twins bang on their piano.
    3. At the doctor’s office, Gabrielle’s told there’s been some complications.
    4. Later, at home, Gabrielle’s told her mother that it’s doubtful she can have kids. Gabrielle’s not shaken, as they can adopt, though Carlos is depressed about this option. Gabrielle considers using surrogacy, but Carlos doesn’t like the idea of dealing with a stranger. That’s when Lucia says she can be the surrogate! Gabrielle’s sure her mother is too old, and is totally against the idea, even as Carlos likes the concept.
    5. Bree’s passed out on her couch. One of the twins picks up Bree’s arm and then drops it, seeing it flop down.
    6. Outside, the twins push Penny in her stroller.
    7. Bree wakes up and wonders where the boys went.
    8. She searches all over the house.
    9. Bree runs down Wisteria Lane, calling out for the boys.

    1. Bree asks Mrs. McCluskey if she’s seen the boys, but Mrs. M. hasn’t.
    2. Lynette gets a call from a hairdresser, who has the kids…
    3. Tom and Lynette arrive at the salon to pick up the kids. The hairdresser is not happy the kids were not being supervised. Lynette tries to claim the kids have a great babysitter, but Tom points out they were able to walk 3 miles. Lynette and Tom exit with the kids.
    4. Gabrielle tells Lucia she wants to go out shopping and possibly consider the surrogacy idea.
    5. Gabrielle drops Lucia off at a hotel, then starts off--Gabrielle tells her mother to check into the hotel and then leave their lives forever.
    6. Bree’s relieved to see Tom and Lynette have found the kids. She tells Lynette she was in the kitchen when the kids vanished, even as the kids say she was sleeping after drinking. Lynette makes her kids apologize to Bree for lying.
    7. Carlos is mad at Gabrielle for sending Lucia away, and blames her issues with her mother on leaving home fifteen years ago. Gabrielle left home after being sexually abused by her stepfather, and Gabrielle says her mother knew what was going on and chose to look the other way. She refuses to do anything more for her mother other than give her back her luggage.
    8. Paul answers the knock at his door -- it’s Mike, who tells him about Noah insisting on meeting him. Zach’s listening in as Mike says Paul should leave town with Noah. Zach overhears Paul mention that Mike is Zach’s father…

    1. Ron and Susan are at a restaurant and see Karl and Edie are also there. Karl’s already ordered a soufflee for Edie, though she doesn’t really want it. Edie goes off to powder her nose and pulls Susan off to join her.
    2. In the bathroom, Edie rubs it in to Susan that Karl is about to propose. Susan’s surprised, til she learns Edie found the ring and pre-nup. Edie believes the ring’s hidden in her dessert.
    3. Susan gives a note for a waiter to deliver, but the waiter delivers the note to the wrong man, who storms out as he thinks his date expects a proposal and she knows he’s already married. Edie fingers her soufflee but finds nothing.
    4. Carlos has brought Lucia her luggage, and they talk as he zips up her dress. He brings up the issue with her stepfather and she says she knew all about this -- and says it was Gabrielle’s fault for seducing her husband! Carlos realizes that Gabrielle’s mother truly is the monster Gabrielle sees her as.
    5. Susan has been waiting outside Karl’s home for him to come outside, and when he does, she fills him in on Edie thinking he was going to propose. Karl decides he’s going to propose to Edie for real to throw her off the scent, as he would probably have proposed eventually. Karl wonders if Susan’s jealous, and Susan insists she’s not, but as he hugs his future wife, Karl doesn’t see the look on Susan’s face makes it look likely she’s lying.
    6. Carlos comes home and tells Gabrielle they can adopt, as blood isn’t everything.


    1 Lynette learns from Mrs. McCluskey that Bree was passed out on her lawn.
    2. Later, Lynette confronts Bree about the holes in her story, and confronts Bree about her drinking. Bree insists she has no alcohol problem and goes inside. Lynette starts going through her trash and finds many bottles. Mary Alice begins to talk about asking for help with small favors…
    3. Susan and Karl get married by a justice of the peace. Karl kisses Susan.
    4. Mrs. McCluskey agrees to take care of Tom’s kids, and points out how clogged her rain gutters are.
    5. At the hotel, Lucia is on the phone with her aunt, and making plans to go help her.
    6. Bree comes outside to find a dozen wine bottles, with a note from Lynette wondering if Bree has a problem. But Lynette just walks back inside as Bree doesn’t appear to see her problem.

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Scene by scene summary of SILLY PEOPLE

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    1. Mary Alice begins to talk about how numerous women come together at Maxine Bennett’s house for a meal. But Bree’s convinced that Maxine is lying about her ability to put together something like this herself. When Bree wonders this, Maxine insists she did it all herself -- a 6 course meal for 10 women. Bree’s angry about this as she’s still sure Maxine is lying, and notes the pudding takes too long for Maxine to have done this all herself.
    Just then, there’s noise at the door -- it’s the FBI, and they come in with a warrant to look around. They burst into a side room and find a Chinese woman there: it’s Maxine’s slave! As Maxine is led away by the FBI, one of the other women is stunned by the revelation, but Mary Alice tells us Bree wasn’t surprised at all -- as the proof was in the pudding.


    1. Mary Alice talks about unlikely friendships, and we see several of them -- including a well-to-do woman and a tattooed man, a mailman who kisses a pit bull, etc. And then we see Edie and Susan as they approach Bree outside, wanting to know why she’s become friends with Betty. Bree tries to push away this talk but Edie questions whether this has something to do with Danielle and Matthew dating, as she was told Matthew and Danielle were kissing in the park. Bree insists she knows what she’s doing…
    2. At work, Lynette’s a bit annoyed as Tom kisses her. He wants her help with their boss, Ed. But Lynette can’t protect her husband at work, she insists. He needs to find his own way to bond wth him.
    3. Tom’s pitch for their client about bacon is bombing badly, and the only one laughing is Lynette. Lynette steers Tom towards his other proposed pitch, which involves a fraternity. And Tom and Ed begin to bond over experiences with fraternities. They agree to talk about the pitch over lunch . . .
    4. Carlos is outside his home with Father Crowley when Gabrielle approaches. They’re introduced to Xiao-Mei, the newly freed slave, and Gabrielle learns Carlos agreed to let her stay in the guest room. Gabrielle pulls Carlos aside and complains about this.
    5. Bree comes into Danielle’s bedroom and they end up arguing over how Danielle told Matthew the truth about Andrew’s secrets. Doesn’t she know that Andrew could go to prison if the truth goes out? Danielle encourages Bree to be nice to Betty, and everything will work out. Bree tells Danielle a story about how her stepmother once told Bree she had beauty, wit, cunning, and insight for her weapons. Bree urges her daughter to take care of her looks, as she doesn’t have any other weapons at her disposal…
    6. Susan’s at Karl’s door. She doesn’t have medical insurance, and wonders if there’s someone she can sue about that.
    7. A bit later, Susan’s inside with Karl and Edie. She doesn’t have medical insurance thanks to her former agent Lonnie. And she needs the operation for her wandering spleen as soon as possible. Desperate, Susan even says a small prayer. Edie has a solution: if Susan marries someone with insurance, all her problems will be solved. Susan likes the idea. But who to marry? Edie decides that maybe prayer wouldn’t be a bad idea after all . . .


    1. At work, Tom tosses some food into his mouth, and Ed says he’ll give him $200 if he can catch food like that 3 times in a row. Tom agrees, but there’s a catch: Ed’s going to throw the food to Tom! Lynette appears to think this is all stupid. Tom catches the first, and the second, but for the third Ed throws it badly and hits Tom. Ed gives Tom the money anyway.
    2. Gabrielle comes home to find Xiao-Mei doing something with her clothing. At first she’s mad, until she realizes Xiao-Mei fixed the outfit perfectly. Xiao-Mei takes her to the next room where she’s got food for her. And Gabrielle loves it!
    3. Later, Carlos is trying to kiss Gabrielle, but she seems to prefer the food. As they start to kiss and she gets undressed, she questions whether they should send Xiao-Mei back to China, given that people in China are sent to camps if they speak out against the government. Wouldn’t it be better for her to stay in America and learn about freedom? But Carlos knows she just wants her as their maid. When they argue a bit, Gabrielle walks off, telling Carlos she’s mad for him not helping spread freedom and democracy.
    4. At a restaurant, Edie’s with a man named Gary, and Susan approaches. Edie has to leave. Susan’s a bit taken aback to learn Gary wants to marry her because he’s gay and hasn’t come out to his mother, who’s said she won’t die until he’s married. They shake hands and agree to the marriage.
    5. At Noah’s place, Felicia brings Noah his pills and the mail. She watches as he sees a note saying, “YOU HAVE A GRANDCHILD” but then she lies about where it came from. He calls Detective Sullivan, telling him that Mike’s been keeping something from him.


    1. Betty and Matthew leave their house, as Bree watches --
    2. Bree gets the keys to the house, which she has because of the previous owners’ trusting her--
    3. And Bree gets into the Applewhite home, bringing a cobbler with her. She calls for Caleb, who comes downstairs. He comes down and she introduces herself. He smiles when she says she brought cobbler..
    4. Lynette hears clapping and asks secretary Pat about it; she says that Tom agreed to eat a doughnut out of the toilet.
    5. Tom’s preparing to dunk his doughnut when Lynette pulls him aside and urges him to not do it. But this is his in with Ed, he urges, and he’s doing it.
    6. Bree’s talking with Caleb, who reveals he’s been staying in the basement. Does she want to see his former home?
    7. Caleb brings Bree to the basement and sees what his living conditions were like. Why would Betty do this to him?, she wonders. He reveals he hurt a girl named Melanie, and then she died . She was pretty . . . just like Bree.


    1. Mike’s outside when Susan approaches and says she’s getting married. To the doctor?, Mike asks. No -- to a gay guy. And then she explains her problem. Does Mike think it’s crazy? No, he doesn’t. Detective Sullivan approaches and Susan excuses herself. Noah knows about the grandchild and wants to meet him. When Mike balks at this, Sullivan says he’s willing to track down the child. Mike agrees to be there at Noah’s house the next morning.
    2. Xiao-Mei is brushing Gabrielle’s hair and also looking at her jewelry. Gabrielle’s a bit unhappy Xiao-Mei wants to go back to China. She tries to play up the fact that she’s like Xiao-Mei. She even gives the Chinese woman a trinket from her jewelry. Xiao-Mei likes this a lot and ends up hugging Gabrielle, who encourages Xiao-Mei to brush her hair again.
    3. Outside a wedding chapel, Gary tells Susan this is the best he could do…
    4. And they go inside to find Gary’s best man -- and life partner -- Steven, who’s miffed to learn Susan merely has a wandering spleen, not cancer. He clearly doesn’t like what Gary’s doing. As Gary walks into the chapel, Steven steps in front of Susan and shoves a wedding cake into her hands.
    5. The wedding’s about to begin, but Gary sends the justice of the peace off to put in the music he brought for the wedding. Steven’s glares from the audience create a problem for Gary, and after Gary and Steven argue, Steven walks away. Gary apologizes to Susan but calls off the wedding and walks away. The justice of the peace returns, as the music is playing, but it’s too late -- Susan’s been stood up at the altar by a gay guy!


    1. Karl finds Susan outside, and learns she didn’t get married after all. What will she do? Karl proposes that they get married. He’d be saving her life, and hopefully that would make up for how he treated her before. She agrees after a moment, but after a moment of silence they both agree that Edie must never find out.
    2. Carlos and Gabrielle are preparing to send Xiao-Mei off with the priest. After Xiao-Mei exits, Gabrielle’s frustrated over losing what could have been the best maid ever. Then, they hear arguing noises coming from outside…
    3. Outside, Carlos and Gabrielle learns Xiao-Mei doesn’t want to return to China. She wants to stay with Carlos and Gabrielle, as she thinks of them as family! Gabrielle’s pleased and takes Xiao-Mei back with her.
    4. Lynette and Tom argue about his bets with Ed, but he can’t back down now.
    5. Lynette tells Ed she wants a more professional tone in the office, but he thinks Tom sent her in to fight his battle for her. When Ed gets snippy, Lynette fights back, challenging her boss. She’ll do whatever she wants in order to get Ed to stop pushing Tom.
    6. The employees have gathered around to watch Lynette fulfill Ed’s bet. He’ll stop the shenanigans . . . if she eats a pound of bacon. She starts slowly, then eats more, and more, and finishes it off, bringing the office over to her side as Ed’s bet makes him looks bad. She completes the challenge and Ed agrees to Lynette’s terms. Tom’s proud of his wife but she’s more concerned about finding a bucket . . .

    1. There’s a knock at Bree’s door. It’s Betty, who’s learned Caleb was visited by a nice red-headed woman. She enters, mad at Bree for visiting her son. But Bree gives Betty a glass of wine, as they’re about to have a lovely talk . . . and Betty may need the alcohol.
    2. Mike’s at Noah’s place, where he tells him about Zach. Noah wants to meet Zach, but Mike doesn’t want to drag him in. Noah gives Mike 2 days to bring Zach in. Felicia’s listening from the next room…
    3. Back with Betty and Bree, Betty explains that she didn’t cry when she learned Caleb was disabled. She knew it was her job to take care of him. And whatever the problems, Caleb has a very sweet nature. Why did she have him chained in the basement?, Bree questions.
    Betty says that Matthew was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Melanie Foster when Caleb asked her to meet him at the lumberyard. There, he admitted to Melanie he loved her, and tried to kiss her; when she rebuffed him, she apparently hit Caleb. Caleb doesn’t remember much, but he apparently killed Melanie with an axe. And now Betty gets emotional as she blames herself for what happened, as it was her job to protect Caleb. Bree reaches out to take Betty’s hand . . .
    Mary Alice begins to talk about unlikely friendships . . .
    4. Gabrielle and Xiao-Mei are together . . .
    5. Susan watches as Karl and Edie go by together . . .
    6. Lynette sees Tom and Ed bonding . . .
    7. And as Danielle and Matthew kiss outside, we see that Caleb is watching them from his window.