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  • Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Scene by scene summary of ONE MORE KISS

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    1. Mary Alice talks about kisses being very different as we see a dinner party where all sorts of kissing is going on…

    Bree kisses a guest on the cheek.

    A wife kisses her husband to tell him he’s had enough to drink.

    2. And in the kitchen, Gabrielle, Tom, Lynette, Edie, Karl, and Bree are laughing and talking. Gabrielle talks of being a cheerleader while Tom reveals he was a band geek who didn’t get kissed until he was 18. Gabrielle insists she secretly crushed on the band geeks; when Tom insists this couldn’t be so, Gabrielle gives Tom a kiss. Everyone thinks this is funny . . . everyone, except for Lynette.


    1. Mary Alice talks of cleaning up after a party as we see that happening --

    2. And now as Lynette brings the left over food to the kitchen, she tries to casually bring up the kiss with Gabrielle, who’s surprised when Lynette says the kiss bugged her. They’re interrupted by the other women who enter talking about the Applewhites. Edie says the Applewhites are weird and the others appear to agree. Gabrielle and Lynette try to avoid the tension while others are in the room but Edie senses a problem. When the problem’s aired, Bree sticks up for Lynette. And then Edie’s on to talking about someone else’s problem.

    3. As Bree kisses Susan goodbye, Susan exits and sees Zach taking out the garbage. Susan runs to Mike’s house and informs him Zach’s back! He knows all about this but is trying to take things slowly, particularly since Paul threatened him. Susan wants to help Mike and Zach connect.

    4. At home, Paul tries to help Zach choose a book to read, but Zach doesn’t care. Paul’s going to be homeschooling Zach. Zach questions his father about Felicia’s claims that Paul killed Mrs. Huber. Paul gets Zach to admit he doesn’t think his father’s capable of murder, but Zach adds he didn’t think his mother was capable of suicide.

    5. Outside the Van De Kamp home, Andrew and Justin talk, and kiss. At the window, Bree sees this, and breaks the champagne glass in her hand.

    6. When Andrew comes in to the house, Bree confronts her son and tells him he’s not to mock her values while he’s living under her roof. Andrew wants nothing to do with this and suggests Bree take her alcohol with her when she goes to bed.


    1. Matthew is leaving Caleb in the basement, and is sorry to leave Caleb there. Matthew’s joined by his mother who’s concerned termites are eating away at the basement stairs. Betty’s mad at Matthew when he wants to bring Caleb up, as Caleb can’t be brought out until she’s sure he’s safe.

    2. Outside the Applewhite home, Monroe’s in his car. Edie jogs up and wants to know he’s been parked there for two hours. He lies, claiming he’s there on behalf of a realty, and Edie’s incensed, as she’s the local real estate agent. She leaves, but not before telling him she’s a dangerous woman. But he’s the dangerous one -- as he’s got a gun.

    3. As Susan and Julie have come into their driveway, Zach approaches and apologizes to them for everything he did before. He’s not going to be bothering them anymore. After he leaves, Susan and Julie decide they believe him - and even feel sorry for Zach. Susan’s got an idea about how to bring Mike and Zach together.

    4. Bree and Lynette have driven up next to each other in the street, and they begin to talk from their cars. Lynette’s happy Bree backed her side at the party. Bree brings up Gabrielle’s history, and Lynette’s surprised to learn about Gabrielle’s affair with her gardener -- not her current one, but John. Meanwhile, Ida Greenberg’s in the car behind Lynette and wants to get around, but can’t -- until she drives on the sidewalk and past Lynette.

    5. Susan and Julie approach Mike, who’s working beneath his car. Susan’s come up with an idea: bowling for Mike and Zach. Paul doesn’t need to know. Mike’s skeptical but Susan tells him she wants to make things right between Mike and Zach.

    6. Bree’s going to Andrew’s room to wake him for breakfast, and she’s horrified to find Andrew asleep in bed with Justin. Justin’s also flustered while Andrew seems amused by Bree’s horror. She tells her son to get downstairs now.

    7. Downstairs, Bree tells Andrew Justin isn’t welcome there, but Andrew informs his mother that he plans on telling the police what she did to George. Would he really blackmail his mother and throw her in jail?, Bree wonders. Andrew says he would -- the apron strings have to be cut at some point anyway!


    1. Tom has Penny in his arms as hes’ outside trying to bring the groceries inside. Gabrielle sees Tom drop the groceries as she’s passing by and goes to hold Penny so Tom can handle the groceries.

    2. Gabrielle’s brought in Penny and notes Penny threw up on her. Tom gets a call from Lynette, who’s coming home early and will stop at the store to pick up the bread that Tom forgot. But then Lynette hears Gabrielle in the background.

    3. Lynette’s hurried home, where she finds Gabrielle and Tom. She didn’t get the bread, claiming the store was all out. She tries to lie about her happiness (or lack thereof) about Gabrielle being there, but finally admits she’s not comfortable with Gabrielle, particularly given Gabrielle’s history. Confused, Tom inquires about this and Gabrielle reveals she slept with John.

    4. At home, Gabrielle’s told Carlos what’s happening, but he’s wrapped up in his putting. Carlos pushes Gabrielle’s buttons, saying that the gossip about her affair with John makes Gabrielle appear to be a sexual predator. Gabrielle tells Carlos to go have an affair with some woman -- an ex, a callgirl, maybe even the nun -- so he can get it out of his system. But he’s not to bring home any diseases! Carlos seems to be considering this option.

    5. Tom gets into bed with Lynette as they discuss her reaction to the kiss. Lynette admits to overreacting, but also can’t get past what happened. Tom teases his wife by suggesting that he’s become even more attractive with age and he can’t help that all the women want him. This amuses Lynette who decides to apologize to Gabrielle about what happened. Lynette and Tom end up kissing themselves.

    6. Betty and Matthew drive away; once they’re gone, Monroe gets out of his car and breaks into the Applewhite home.

    7. Inside, Monroe’s searched all over but has found nothing. Where now?

    8. Monroe’s gone into the basement. He sees the door leading to Caleb, and goes to break it open.

    9. Monroe, with Caleb. Monroe unlocks Caleb but when Caleb refuses to leave, Monroe knocks him to the floor.

    10. With his gun in hand, Monroe looks out the window.

    11. Monroe points his gun down the stairs at Caleb, but Caleb refuses to leave. He goes downstairs to get Caleb. And that’s when he crashes through the stairs. He’s halfway sticking out -- and he drops over, dead.

    12. Betty and Matthew come home to find Caleb upstairs eating ice cream. All Caleb says is that he didn’t do it.

    13. Betty and Matthew find Monroe’s body in the stairs.


    1. Bree’s brought muffins to Karl and she also has a question about when lawyer/client confidentiality begins. When Karl tells her it begins with money, Bree hands him over $100 as a retainer and wants to hire Karl’s services as she wants to stop her S.O.B. of a son from blackmailing her.

    2. Betty and Matthew have learned that Monroe’s from Illinois. Betty hopes he didn’t suffer but Matthew only laughs. When Monroe’s cell rings, they learn the call was from someone named Foster. This news causes Betty to tell Matthew they’ll need to get rid of the body tonight.

    3. Lynette joins Gabrielle in the kitchen as Gabrielle’s blending something. Lynette’s sorry about what happened…

    4. And minutes later, Lynette and Gabrielle are laughing and talking, Carlos joins the women, happy they’ve made up. But things fall apart for Lynette when she realizes Gabrielle still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Lynette pulls Carlos into a long kiss that seems to go on forever. Gabrielle pulls Carlos away from Lynette, having seen her friend’s point.

    5. Susan, Mike, and Julie are bowling as Zach arrives, surprised to learn Mike’s also there. Zach’s not very good at bowling, but when Julie goes to get a hot dog, Zach wonders why Mike and Susan are being so nice to him. They claim they just want to help him. Susan leaves the two to talk and Mike gives Zach some bowling advice, which leads to Zach bowling much better.

    6. Betty and Matthew have placed Monroe in the trunk of his own car but when the trunk’s closed, they realize they’ve locked the keys away too. This makes Betty laugh, in spite of the situation.


    1. Andrew’s playing a video game as Bree approaches and tells him to stop as her lawyer’s there to talk to him.

    2. Later, Karl’s told Andrew that Bree wasn’t legally required to help George. But Andrew’s not fazed, as he considers lying to the police and telling them that Bree helped George kill himself. Bree informs her son that if he does so, she will sue him and garnish his wages when he turns 18. Karl sends Bree away for a moment and then he throws Andrew against the wall and snaps at Andrew about his lack of respect for Bree and his willingness to take care of Andrew if necessary. Bree’s heard all of this from the next room.

    3. Outside Lynette’s home, Carlos thanks Lynette for patching things up with Gabrielle, and then brings up Gabrielle’s suggestion that he have an affair with someone. Does Lynette have any input on that? Lynette says she doesn’t. It’s clear that Carlos is hinting that he and Lynette should have an affair but Lynette avoids this. Carlos says that their kiss was great and you can’t fake chemistry like that!

    4. Zach’s asleep in bed when Paul enters. He sees the bowling score sheet in the trash and realizes Zach was out with Mike. He asks a now awake Zach about this.

    5. Paul storms over to Mike’s place and punches him. Susan’s pulled out of her driveway in her car and sees this, and as Mike and Paul fight on the ground, Susan ends up crashing her car, and Monroe’s trunk comes open. The Applewhites have come out to see the commotion as well, and they watch as Monroe’s body is discovered.All eyes turn to Paul, who's just as surprised by the body as the others are.


    1. Bree, Edie, Lynette, and Gabrielle are talking to each other outside as Susan’s talking to a police officer about what happened. Meanwhile, Matthew and Betty are watching this, and while Matthew’s worried, Betty’s not. Susan joins her friends and as they wonder if Paul’s responsible, Susan admits that Paul looked just as surprised as anyone else. Edie thinks the Applewhites are responsible somehow and the women bring up all the evidence against them, including Betty lying to Susan about the noises from the basement. They then wave to Betty, who admits to Matthew that now she’s worried. Monroe’s car is towed away…

    2. Zach’s playing his guitar outside when he sees Julie’s arrived home. He goes to her and reveals Paul learned about the bowling and that won’t be happening again anytime soon. But he had fun. Julie ends up kissing him on the cheek.

    3. Mary Alice starts to talk about the different types of kisses. First, we see Lynette and Tom kissing in bed…

    4. Gabrielle kissing Carlos, who doesn’t return the favor…

    5. Betty kisses her son…

    6. Justin and Andrew are kissing…

    7. Edie and Karl kiss…

    8. Mrs. Frome kisses her cat…

    9. Bree kisses a picture of Rex…

    10. And Julie and Zach are also getting close again -- as Paul sees this all from his window.


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