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  • Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of COMING HOME

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    1. As Bree approaches George’s house where the police are present, Mary Alice tells us of the various ways you can tell that Bree’s a lady.
    2. Inside George’s place, the detective tells Bree that they found the evidence linking George to Rex’s death. Bree pretends to learn of George’s suicide for the first time -- but her surprise is real when she sees George had kept her panties. And then things get worse as Bree sees a large doll that looks like her, and it sinks in what George was doing with it. The police are taking it in as evidence. She insists she’s going to be fine…
    3. As she leaves, Bree keeps a stiff upper lip, even as the police officer behind her is carrying off the Bree doll.

    ACT I
    1. Mary Alice talks about the story of the prodigal son, as Zach approaches his house and Paul sees him coming. The two hug.
    2. Inside, Zach’s eating as he and his father discuss what happened. Zach came back after his money ran out. Paul admits to Zach that Zach’s real mom was a junkie, but when Zach questions him about his father, Paul claims to not know.
    3. Mike’s brought Betty something but she doesn’t need to pay until he installs the faucet. Up runs Edie, who reveals the story about Caleb in the paper; the police are seeking someone to ID Caleb, and he’s being kept in the psych ward for now. Matthew’s also lurking and when they’re left alone, he asks what they’re going to do about Caleb. Betty says they’re going to go get him.
    4. At the psych ward, a man known as Monroe is looking for cuffs as he talks to another man. Monroe tells the other man he can handle the John Doe . . . he’s only a half wit, after all.
    5. Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, and Susan discuss the truth about George, and when someone hopes that George suffered, Bree suggests they’ll never know what happened. A car drives up to bring Andrew home. How will he take the news about his father? Bree gets her answer as he angrily wants to know why he’s been brought home. Bree excuses herself and goes to Andrew.
    6. Inside Bree’s place, Andrew’s learned about George’s role in Rex’s death, and Bree’s forced to admit George killed Rex because he was hoping to marry Bree. Bree wants Andrew to use a coaster but Andrew’s not going to listen to Bree anymore. He’s angry that Bree didn’t see the truth when he did. He’s going to call his “good friend” Justin to stay over, even though Bree thinks it’s inappropriate.
    7. At home, Susan’s surprised her father Addison’s there. He’s only there because he thinks she’s going to blackmail him, and when Susan says that’s not what she’s doing, he’s hesitant about going in. But he enters.
    8. Inside, Susan’s shown her dad a picture of her at two when she was dressed as a chicken -- though he thinks she’s dressed as a homeless person. Addison has to get back to work, and wonders what Susan wants with him. She wants a relationship, but has to settle for him taking the picture with her.
    9. At work, Lynette tells her boss Ed she wants daycare at work -- and their company will allow it, if they have enough kids. They need Ed’s wife Fran to sign on, but Ed’s sure she won’t, as Fran never leaves her child, Mindy.
    10. At the church, Gabrielle yells at Sister Mary, questioning where Carlos is. Carlos is there, helping with mailings preparing for a trip to Botswana. Gabrielle’s mad that she and Carlos missed their massage and Carlos and Gabrielle argue about their different priorities. Carlos ends up walking out. A smirking Sister Mary tells Gabrielle she looks tense -- she needs a massage!

    ACT II

    1. Susan picks up the phone as it’s her father calling. He’s been arrested…
    2. At the police station, Susan chews out her father for being arrested for soliciting an undercover cop he thought was a prostitute. He’s not particularly apologetic about it, and Susan’s creeped out when he tells her his elderly wife isn’t sleeping with him anymore. Susan goes to pay for Addison’s release.
    3. Susan’s driven Addison home. He wonders if their relationship is over, but she instead plans a coffee date. He begrudgingly accepts, but will bring coffee, since hers is lousy. As he gets out, his wife Carol sees him from across the street, and she scribbles down info on Susan as Susan drives away.
    4. At church, Sister Mary is giving a presentation about her plans for the mission trip as Gabrielle chats with a priest in the background. Gabrielle learns that Sister Mary and Sister Greta usually went on the trip, but they’re low on funds and won’t be going this time. A scheming Gabrielle asks the priest how much they need, and moments later, the priest tells the group that $8,000 has been donated, and the two nuns will be going on the trip. Gabrielle looks pleased with herself as the priest talks of angels being everywhere.
    5. Ed’s wife Fran arrives at work where she asks for Lynette -- and Lynette invites Fran into her office.
    6. Lynette patiently tells Fran she thinks Fran should give up baby Mindy for a couple hours a day. Fran doesn’t need this, she claims, even after Lynette levels with Fran about needing Fran to sign on to the daycare. As Fran goes to leave, she questions why Lynette had kids if she didn’t want to raise them. Lynette insists she’s a good mother, and Fran says she couldn’t settle for being good; she wants to be great!
    7. Mrs. Frome is walking her cat past Susan’s house -- when she notices the garage has the word WHORE painted on it. Susan comes out of her house and makes small talk with Mrs. Frome for a few moments. And then, Susan turns around, and sees the word there…


    1. Outside Susan’s house, Susan’s father admits that it’s his wife’s penmanship, and they conclude Carol thinks he’s having an affair with Susan. He doesn’t want to tell Carol the truth but agrees to talk to his wife. Edie drives up and sees the graffiti -- but when Susan questions whether Edie has anything to say, Edie declares that the word pretty much says it all.
    2. Gabrielle comes home to find Carlos and Sister Mary laughing together. Gabrielle’s happiness at getting rid of the nun fades when she learns Carlos plans to join the nun in Botswana. Gabrielle and Carlos argue about this. After Carlos exits, Gabrielle tells the nun she’s not above slapping a nun, but Sister Mary holds her ground, declaring that Gabrielle should be sure to leave a mark. Gabrielle doesn’t slap her.
    3. Lynette tells Tom goodbye on the phone; she’s with Ed, who apologizes for the failure to get daycare. Lynette pushes Ed to stand up to Fran, and claims that the whole family could be destroyed otherwise; Mindy might even grow up to be a stripper! Ed agrees to handle Fran, and Lynette should make the arrangements for daycare.
    4. Justin and Andrew are playing a violent video game. Andrew leans over for something more, but Justin pushes him away; what if Bree walks in? Justin will make it worth the wait after Bree goes to bed. Andrew likes the idea of Bree walking in on them, as he hates her because she freaked out after he told her he liked guys. He stopped loving her before she stopped loving him for his sexual interests. When he finds something damaging against her, he’s going to punish her -- and Andrew doesn’t mind waiting.

    ACT IV

    1. At work, Lynette finds Ed’s brought Mindy to work, even though daycare doesn’t begin til next week. He grabbed the baby from home and ran! Lynette’s flustered by Ed’s action; Fran’s on her way up so Ed gives Lynette the child. Fran and Ed argue in front of everyone, with Fran declaring she’s taking Mindy and going away. That’s when Lynette takes the baby behind the glass door and locks them inside. When the receptionist has a call for Lynette, Lynette snaps at her that she’s busy holding the baby hostage. She won’t return Mindy until Ed and Fran make up. She calls out Ed for being stupid to kidnap his child from home, and questions whether Fran ever feels the pressure of being a supermom. Fran and Ed end up bonding, and Lynette agrees to take care of Mindy while Fran and Ed spend some time together. Lynette’s just happy because she finally has her daycare!
    2. At the hospital, Betty sees Caleb. She approaches someone as she’s there to play the piano. The woman wonders if Betty realizes the people at the psych ward won’t be clapping for her, but Betty tells the woman she doesn’t need applause…
    3. Susan’s at the supermarket . . . and so is Carol, who moves towards Susan and begins throwing food items at her while calling her a slut. Susan blurts out that Addison’s her father! As Susan spills the beans, Carol spills some actual beans to the ground. Carol learns Susan is 38, and since the marriage has lasted for 39 years, she realizes the adultery has been around since the beginning. Carol warns Susan not to let Addison break her heart…

    ACT V

    1. Bree tells Andrew she wants him, her, and Danielle to see a therapist together, but Andrew wants nothing to do with her plan to be a family again. Andrew wishes he could kill George, and doesn’t like the idea that George died on his own terms. Would learning George was executed help? Bree wonders. Andrew says it would, so Bree admits the truth about George’s death to her son. Andrew hugs his mother and thanks her for telling him.
    2. Outside, Monroe has a syringe of something -- what’s he going to do with it?
    3. Inside, Monroe’s looking for the John Doe -- Caleb -- but Caleb’s not in his room. Caleb’s in the room where Betty’s playing the piano. He watches as Matthew helps Caleb sneak away and follows the duo as they leave.
    4. Paul tells Mike that Zach is back -- but Mike’s to leave them alone! Paul threatens to tell the police what Mike did to him if Mike makes a move. Mike’s willing to take Paul down with him, if necessary. Paul wants to move away with Zach, but if he does, Mike will make his move.

    ACT VI

    1. At the doctor’s office, Carlos is going to get a checkup and inoculations before going on his trip. Gabrielle and Carlos argue as she thinks he can help the poor without leaving. As Carlos goes to the checkup, Gabrielle’s left to fill out his form, and she’s told Carlos left out the part about allergies. Gabrielle says Carlos is allergic to eggs, then learns that this could lead to Carlos being sick. So Gabrielle lies and says Carlos is only allergic to fish eggs…
    2. Gabrielle watches as Carlos gets his injection…
    3. At home, Gabrielle looks over a very ill Carlos. She wonders if the nun’s right - she loves Carlos and fears he’ll leave her if he becomes good and realizes she’s still selfish and needy. It looks like Carlos is still there for Gabrielle -- until he calls out the nun’s name.
    4. Susan’s painting over the WHORE even though it’s raining. Addison approaches and Susan says he’s released from all obligations as her parent. He’s not proud of what he’s done, but there are 3 things he’s done he’s proud of; he was a volunteer fireman, he started a foundation to save wild horses, and -- he had Susan. For now, he needs to work on his marriage, but when he’s ready, he’s going to call her again, and she agrees to wait for his call.
    5. Mary Alice talks about the timeless stories told again and again, as we see…Zach and Paul…
    6. Gabrielle with Carlos…
    7. Betty and Caleb, described as a desperate mother taking risks for her child…
    8. Carol and her faithless husband Addison…
    9. Bree and Andrew as she works in the garden outside…
    10. And Lynette goes to pick up her baby Penny from daycare.