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  • Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of I WISH I COULD FORGET YOU

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    1. George starts for Mary Alice’s door as she talks of how George has a history of being unlucky in love.
    2. FLASHBACK: A woman closes the door in George’s face -- she’s afraid to wake her roommate.
    3. FLASHBACK: A woman closes the door in George’s face -- she wants to be early for work.
    4. FLASHBACK: A woman closes the door in George’s face -- she’s saving herself for marriage.
    5. Back in the present, Bree answers the door and lets George in -- Mary Alice tells us his luck’s changing.
    6. After dinner, Bree’s pleased with how the duck turned out, but George is more interested in her. He lets down her hair and then scoots closer to her. She likes his first kiss, but then he throws himself on her -- and she has to stop because of a rash, which is spreading all over her.
    7. Bree tosses George out of her house, as he’s given her hives, while Mary Alice says that at least this excuse for George was original.

    1. Mary Alice says that little girls dream of big white weddings, as do some big girls. She’s talking about Susan, who’s preparing her mother Sophie in Sophie’s wedding dress. Mike’s there too. Susan’s going to put on the dress, and Sophie wants him to leave -- he can’t see her in it! But Mike suggests that Susan can get her own wedding dress. He suggests he’ll be proposing soon but doesn’t want to spill more. Susan claims to be okay with this but clearly wants more info.
    2. Bree’s talking to her therapist Dr. Goldfine about the hives. He suspects she subconsciously sabotaged her experience with George, but Bree doesn’t even believe in the subconscious. She denies that the hives are psychosomatic. He points out that she keeps touching where her wedding ring went and she can’t really answer that.
    3. Lynette, Nina, and others are at a meeting at work. Lynette will be giving a presentation but Nina doesn’t want her to wear the green suit. Why? Nina forces coworker Stu to note it has stains on it -- and her pants have a split seam. Clearly Lynette’s embarrassed.
    4. At the courthouse, David isn’t happy to find that Gabrielle’s wearing a stunning dress, as she was told to look maternal. As they argue about this, someone names Louis, angry at David for his former work, approaches David and then pulls a gun. David manages to not be hit and even ends up with the gun, but then gets shot anyway for his troubles.

    1. Mary Alice talks about a common annoyance like weeds coming back -- and we see Paul’s back, too, mowing his lawn. At their homes, Gabrielle and Bree have seen this and are talking about it on the phone. Does Susan know, they wondet? She’s home with groceries and drops them after seeing Paul. He tries to return a can of pie filling but she doesn’t want him to approach. Bree and Gabrielle join Susan, informing Paul the police have been called. The police arrive moments later.
    2. Many people have gathered in the neighborhood, and Edie talks to Ida Greenberg and Mrs. Frome about how they knew Paul -- Edie says she won, as she made out with him! Susan thinks the police should talk to Mike about what happened. But when the police goes to Mike, he denies any knowledge of Paul being a killer and then leaves for a job. Edie questions whether Susan’s smoking something.
    3. Tom’s happy to see Lynette in a hot white suit, but when he learns it costs 900 dollars, and she has several thousand dollars worth of suits, he objects. He made sacrifices over the years when it came to work clothes, and now it’s her turn, even though she hasn’t bought a new suit in 6 years. He reminds her of the various things they need to buy for their kids, and she reluctantly agrees to take the clothes back. She tells Tom to leave the room, as she wants to be alone with the clothes first.
    4. Bree’s reading in bed when she decides to call…
    5. George, who informs her he has an antihistamine for her rash. But she has other things on her mind: she wants him to arrange for a romantic getaway for them at a hotel. After telling him this, she ends the call, and George is happy with this development.
    6. At night, Mike comes home to find Susan mad at him for lying to the police. He explains he could go to prison again if he revealed what happened in the desert, and Susan could be in trouble true as Mrs. Huber’s journal reveals Susan burnt down Edie’s home. Mike wants Paul gone too, and thinks Zach will return when he learns Paul is back. Susan makes a guilty comment about that being the silver lining.

    1. Gabrielle greets David at the hospital with a card . She’s surprised to learn she’s the first visitor he’s had in 2 days. His office did send flowers with a card joking about never realizing David could bleed. She helps him cut his meal since he can’t cut yet. He tells her that when the ambulance came he thought he was going to die, and thanks her for not joking about it. Gabrielle feeds a happy looking David his food.
    2. At work, Lynette comes in dressed in her drab regular suit, but then turns around--
    3. And outside, she gets her nice white suit from the trunk. Lynette rushes in with the new suit.
    4. In the bathroom, Lynette changes into her new suit, and tucks away the tag.
    5. As she’s going to the presentation, Nina’s flattered Lynette took her advice to heart and got a great new suit. Lynette lies, insisting she’s had this suit for some time.
    6. Lynette’s presentation does okay, but then Nina sees the tag. Nina makes a scene and rips off the tag, then tells the others Lynette just bought the great suit.
    7. At the courtroom, the judge is happy to see David’s back, but when David starts a move for dismissal of the charges against Carlos, he pauses and then says he can’t continue. David leaves, to Gabrielle and Carlos’ horror.
    8. Gabrielle confronts David, who quits. He declares he loves Gabrielle and doesn’t want to help Carlos out. A stunned Gabrielle threatens to shoot David with a gun again, but she can’t get through to him.

    1. Susan’s working under her sink when someone’s at the door and she calls out for the person to come in. It’s Paul, and she’s mad at his presence. He has the flyer about Zach’s disappearance, and questions whether he’s hiding at Susan’s place again. She says no. Paul grabs for the knife Susan was looking for, and approaches her, appearing menacing. Scared, Susan admits she gave Zach money to go to Utah. Paul hands Susan the knife and suggests she looks jittery.
    2. At prison, Gabrielle tells Carlos she’ll do anything needed to fix the problem with David, but Carlos wants nothing of this, as he’s convinced David and Gabrielle plotted this out beforehand so they could sleep together. Angry at this insinuation, Gabrielle tells her husband she’s been faithful . .. while he’s in prison, anyway. She vows to fix the problem as she’s going to bring Carlos home.
    3. Bree and George check in at the front desk of the hotel; she wants to go antiquing. When the man at the desk mistakes Bree for George’s wife, Bree feels guilty and tells George she can’t be with him as her rash is back! They drove 3 hours away for this trip and George doesn’t want to go back. He agrees to separate rooms. As she goes to get the antiques brochure, Bree’s happy to tell George the rash is gone.
    4. Tom’s mad when Lynette comes home in her nice suit, but she tells her husband she did well in the meeting because of the suit. She needs stuff like this occasionally, because it makes her happy -- and a better parent. And that can work for Tom too, for she has new golf clubs for him. Seduced by the lure of the clubs, Tom tells Lynette he feels like a better parent already.
    5. Bree and George are eating together; he ignores her as he sees a kissing couple nearby. He pulls his hand from hers as he fears the return of the rash. But he has the antihistamines for the problem. Should she take them with wine, she wonders? He doesn’t think it’s a problem, and since he’s the pharmacist, she takes the medication -- and then he takes her hand.
    6. Later, the combo of wine and antihistamines have left Bree apparently drunk and George leads her towards her bedroom.
    7. George lays Bree down in bed and takes off her shoes. He tells her he loves her and wants her to love him back. By this point, she’s out like a light. George loosens his tie -- just what is he going to do?

    1. Bree wakes to find George near her bed; he tells her he watched her sleep, and she slept like an angel. When she wonders why he didn’t sleep next to her, he says she’s clearly not ready for that. She wants him to be patient with her, but he makes it clear he can’t wait forever. When he goes to leave, she tells him to stay, and Bree says she’ll get over anty rash she develops. The two kiss, and then George falls on top of her, as the clock reads 3:25.
    2. Later, it’s 4:30, and while he sleeps, Bree’s sitting near the bed, looking over at George.
    3. David finds Gabrielle at home, where she strips down. She won’t leave Carlos, but agrees to an affair. Will he sleep with her on Gabrielle’s terms? David accepts Gabrielle’s offer but as he goes to kiss her, she keeps him away. She’s proven he only wants sex and not love, as he was willing to have an affair -- something Carlos would never do. She also makes it clear she’ll sue for sexual harrassment if he doesn’t take Carlos back.

    1. Paul’s gardening when Mike approaches. Mike tells Paul no one wants Paul there. Paul cleverly suggests what Susan did to get rid of Zach, and Mike asks for more info.
    2. Sophie’s pleased by how good Susan looks in the wedding dress. Mike enters with a question that Sophie thinks is a marriage proposal, but instead he questions her about what happened with Zach. She tearfully admits the truth, though she tries to explain why she did what she did. He starts out.
    3. Outside, Susan’s crying and pleaing with Mike to listen to her, but he’s done with her and gets in the car. Around the neighborhood, Lynette, Bree, and Gabrielle see all of this happening as Mike drives away and Susan’s left sobbing. Paul sees this and goes into his house, as Sophie and the other women come towards Susan. Mary Alice closes by telling us many little girls dream of a wedding, but some of those dreams don’t come true . . .


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