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  • Sunday, November 27, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of THAT'S GOOD, THAT'S BAD

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    1. Mary Alice tells us Bree’s known as a perfect hostess -- and we see a dinner party at her house.
    2. She was known for being prompt…
    3. and for the free flowing liquor…
    4. and for enjoyable anecdotes.
    5. But the perfect hostess gets something imperfect for a change, as she and her guests hear singing from outside. She excuses herself and goes to look outside, where George is singing karaoke.
    6. Outside, Bree confronts George, who refuses to believe it’s over even as she walks away.
    7. Inside, Bree tells her guests to take their seats. She’s going to serve dessert soon. She runs up her stairs…
    8. In her bedroom, Bree gets a rifle from beneath her bed.
    9. She takes it to the window and then shoots at George’s car, as Mary Alice says Bree knew how to handle guests -- including unwanted ones.


    1. Mary Alice talks of children believing that good guys wear white hats and bad guys wear black hats, as we see children playing outside. Then George cycles up towards Bree’s house on his bike. He tries to tell Bree he’s coincidentally there, but she knows he’s been circling her house for some time. She thinks he should see a therapist and drives away, leaving him there.
    2. At work, Lynette finishes a presentation, but Ed doesn’t like it, and Nina agrees with Ed’s assessment. Lynette’s furious with Nina, as they had all worked on it, and she calls Nina on her awful behavior, insisting that everyone else agrees with her. But none of Lynette’s coworkers will stick up for her. After Nina’s gone, Lynette chews out the group for not doing as they’d originally said. When Stu brings in muffins, Lynette says they don’t deserve fresh muffins.
    3. Gabrielle gets a call from the “warden”: Carlos held up guards and then escaped from prison! Except -- he didn’t. That was Carlos calling, and he’s there now, paroled from prison. Gabrielle’s happy. He tells his wife that a Catholic group successfully lobbied for him. And now -- it’s time for sex!
    4. Susan and Julie have driven up to her father’s feed store. She doesn’t plan on telling him the truth, but wants to meet him . . . see what he’s like.
    5. Inside the store, Susan sees her father say goodbye to a customer. Then, he talks to Susan. He knows what she’s there for: the promotional cowboy hats he’s giving away! He puts one on Susan.
    6. A gleeful Susan returns to Julie. She’s met her father, he gave her a hat, and he’s great!
    7. In the aftermath of sex, Carlos needs ten minutes to recharge before he can continue. Gabrielle finds letters from Sister Mary Bernard, who helped arrange Carlos’ release, and she laughs at the contents. But Carlos is adamant that time in prison helped him to become a better person, and now he’s going to be good. Gabrielle’s horrified, wondering just what they did to Carlos in prison.


    1. The five women are together at poker, but Lynette has to go soon and finish work, thanks to Nina. They don’t like that Lynette’s job is cutting into poker time. Edie brings up Susan’s father -- when will she talk to him? She’s going to get a job at her father’s store, get to know him, and then, when he likes her, she’ll admit the truth. Edie thinks this is the stupidest plan ever and the other women are also hesitant. But Susan feels she needs to know her father. Edie scoffs at this point, as she never knew her father and turned out fine, but admits the point’s taken when she’s asked when she lost her virginity.
    2. Lynette’s at the office, late, when she sees a shirtless Stu bringing a bottle of wine to -- Nina! Stu and Nina are having a torrid affair. Lynette sees this, and Nina sees that Lynette sees.
    3. The next day, Lynette’s pleased as punch and Nina asks to see her in Nina’s office.
    4. Lynette and Nina face off: if the truth comes out, Ed could fire Nina! In return for her silence, Lynette wants Nina to be nice to her, and Nina agrees to try.
    5. Gabrielle learns Carlos is going off to Mass, and she can hardly believe there’s Mass on days other than Sunday. Sister Mary is there, and Gabrielle looks outside to see the nun’s not as old or ugly as she’d like. Gabrielle accuses Carlos of going off with a hot nun, and Carlos laughs this off and leaves. The nun waves goodbye to Gabrielle.


    1. Lynette shows up at work and finds Pat, the new receptionist. Where’s Stu?
    2. Lynette’s mad at Nina for firing Stu, but Nina has an excuse: there are tons of black marks on his evaluation, and Ed’s aware of this. But Lynette knows Stu’s gone thanks to the affair. Nina warns Lynette that more firing is coming, and hints that people who aren’t team players will soon be out.
    3. At the feed store, Susan’s dad thinks she’s overqualified but she argues she wants a change in her life. He decides to give it a try. She comments on his eyes looking like hers, and he thinks she’s there because his wife hired someone to test him. She denies this, and blurts out that she’s his daughter! She explains what happened, and then he walks away. When Susan finds him in the other room, he’s on the floor.
    4. At the hospital, Bree’s meeting with Dr. Goldfine, who’s recovering from his “accident.” She informs him what’s going on in her life, including breaking up with George. She questions him about how to treat crazy people, and he doesn’t like the word “crazy.” Bree saw malevolence in George’s eyes when she broke up with him. Dr. Goldfine brings up the man who shoved him off the bridge, and notes the blue bike he was riding. And Bree picks up on this little detail.


    1. As Lynette brings him his drink, Stu tells her he’s surprised she called. But Lynette says she thinks it’s unfair he was fired. Though Stu points out his own faults at work Lynette thinks he was fired because of his affair with Nina, and notes that he should talk to Ed. Would Ed listen? Sure, since Stu could sue the company for millions. Would Nina be affected?, Stu wonders. But Lynette claims Nina would just get a slap on the wrist.
    2. At the hospital, Susan’s dad tells her he has a genetic heart problem -- and she might have it too! He wants her to leave because his wife’s about to arrive and the truth about Susan could be the final nail in his marriage. Susan won’t go, even after her dad says he doesn’t want to know her and that she’s a mistake. When his wife arrives and kisses him, she wonders who Susan is, and Susan admits -- shes’ the woman who called for help when he collapsed! As she kisses her father goodbye, she tells him she’s not giving up, and then tells the wife that she’s going to be back at the store soon.
    3. George approaches his home with groceries when he sees the police are at his house -- and they have his blue bike. He calls Bree and tells her what’s happened. She says she knows what he did to Dr. Goldfine, and he should turn himself in to the police. Instead, George tosses his groceries down and runs away.


    1. Gabrielle tells Carlos she’s invited the nun over to see just what the nun’s up to.
    2. At their meal together, Gabrielle quizzes Mary about her work, and learns the nun works in various prisons and does other charity work. Do Carlos and Gabrielle do any charity work? No, Carlos admits, but he wants to start. When Gabrielle jokes about money buying happiness, Carlos ends up deciding to give away his sports car and have Gabrielle cut back on shopping. Carlos exits…
    3. Gabrielle finds Carlos in their bedroom, where she apologizes for her behavior by kissing him. As she says she wants to be a better person, she kisses him all over, concluding by seducing him into their bed.
    4. At work, Lynette finds everything’s in chaos, and Pat tells her people are being fired. Ed calls her in next…
    5. Ed gives Lynette Nina’s job. But why? Stu filed a suit against the company for sexual harrassment and had to be paid off, which led to Nina being fired and others being let go to allow for Stu’s settlement. She’s told to go can two other people.
    6. Lynette sees Nina with a drink outside the office. While Lynette declares she didn’t want Nina fired, she just wanted Nina to be nice, Nina tells her former employee that she did used to be nice -- but working with someone as awful as Ed changed her, and led to her giving up vacations and relationships. Now, that’ll be Lynette’s fate. Nina gives Lynette the drink since she’s going to need it.
    7. Gabrielle’s in a robe, post-sex, as she approaches Mary, who overheard the sex. They need to talk…
    8. Gabrielle leads the nun outside, and tells her to leave Carlos alone, as he needs to get back into the swing of things. But Mary’s not going to back off. She blames the problems in the Solis marriage on Gabrielle and thinks Carlos could fix the problem by annulling his marriage to Gabrielle. The two face off, with Mary saying she comes from the south side of Chicago and she’s willing to fight for Carlos, since she has God on her side!


    1. George is in his hotel room when there’s a knock at the door. It’s a bellman, who’s given a note to give to Bree, who’s downstairs at an event. The bellman’s to call George if Bree goes upstairs.
    2. Bree receives the note from George, which urges her to meet him in room 617. Then, she calls the detective who was investigating Rex’s death, and learns from him that they’ve discovered prescription bottles and a diary which suggest George killed Rex! A shaken Bree ends the call by getting on the elevator. The bellman sees this and informs George, via telephone.
    3. In his room, George begins to take some pills, as he says, “She loves me . . . she loves me not.”
    4. Bree stops in the elevator long enough to hit the side of the elevator and cry out.
    5. George is still talking to himself as he takes more pills.
    6. Bree is losing it in the elevator.
    7. George downs even more pills with a drink.
    8. And Bree’s going in the elevator again…
    9. In his room, George calls the operator to ask for help, but ends the call when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Bree, who enters and sees what he’s done. He denies hurting Dr. Goldfine but she’s more concerned about what he’s done to Rex. He thinks that once she forgives him they can call for an ambulance and he can have his stomach pumped.
    She pulls up a chair. She wants to forgive him, but he needs to admit to killing Rex first. He does so, insisting that he knows she wanted him dead! He slips away for a moment, and then when he wakes up, he asks for an ambulance. Bree lies and claims she called for help.
    10. Mary Alice begins her speech about not being able to tell who’s good and who’s bad…Gabrielle’s in bed, while Carlos is praying…
    11. Sister Mary is also praying, and we learn from Mary Alice that people who look like saints often aren’t. Mary uses her fingers to put out a candle.
    12. Nina’s packing away her things, and looking sad, as Mary Alice continues to talk about not being able to classify people as good or evil.
    13. Susan’s father is with his wife…
    14. And Bree walks out of George’s hotel room, leaving him dead, or about to die…

    Sunday, November 20, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of THE SUN WON'T SET

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    1. As we see Betty, Mary Alice informs us she was a gifted woman.
    2. FLASHBACK: Betty as a child playing the piano, where her piano teacher noted her dexterity.
    3. FLASHBACK: Betty in college playing the piano, with her professor praising her rhythm.
    4. FLASHBACK: Betty at her first symphony, where the conductor liked her flair.
    5. In the present, Betty's at her home -- the site of the neighborhood watch meeting, and all the neighbors are there. Mrs. McClusky thinks the area's an easy target, and they should hire security. As they debate this, Betty goes to the piano and begins to play. This distracts everyone away from discussing security, and Mary Alice says Betty's true gift was her timing.

    1. Mary Alice tells us Gabrielle had a miscarriage, and now we see her at home. Our narrator says women after a miscarriage don't want to leave their home and want to keep reminders of what they lost. But Gabrielle's not like most people: she puts the baby stuff away and strolls out of her house.
    2. Outside, Gabrielle joins Lynette, Bree, and Susan, who were coming over to get Gabrielle so she could join them for banana bread and coffee. But Gabrielle's swamped with errands and agrees to call them later to arrange a new time. The women are surprised by her lack of grief and also don't think she should return the baby things so soon, but Gabrielle holds firm.
    3. At jail, Carlos surprises Gabrielle by revealing he's hurt his hands thanks to grief over the miscarriage. He's been given tranquilizers because he ripped up his mattress. When he says he came up with 5 names for their child, he's stunned to find she's nonchalant about the miscarriage and she's been shopping. When he questions her grief -- or lack of grief -- he grabs on to her and then goes to leave, as Gabrielle thinks he should have another round of tranquilizers.
    4. Susan approaches Mike's house, as hes' on the roof taking off debris. Is he still going to Sophie's wedding? He's not, and he expresses his displeasure by tossing down his debris near her feet, but Susan doesn't seem to get this. She brings up the book she's writing and mentions her father, a Merchant Marine - but Mike points out the story's impossible as the battle never existed and Merchant Marines only delivered supplies.
    5. Lynette drives home to find the twins playing in the street. As she gets out of the car, Mrs. McClusky says the kids are safe as she's been watching them from her house.
    6. Inside, Lynette shows Tom the kids playing outside, and Tom realizes they got out of bed. The couple argues about his parenting skills, especially as there was a break-in on the street lately. Tom swears he can watch them, but he briefly freaks out when Lynette questions where Penny is -- luckily Penny's still where she was before.
    7. Bree's cutting something out of the newspaper when she turns it over and realizes it's an engagement notice for her and George.
    8. Bree confronts George at the pharmacy about the engagement notice, and he claims he forgot to take it out of the paper. She thinks it will be okay, as people don't read the announcements unless the front page is boring, and luckily enough there was a huge flood in Sri Lanka. He insists she wear the engagement ring if she won't tell people the truth, so she reluctantly puts on the ring before she leaves.

    1. A car drives to the Solis home and a man comes out of the car and approaches the home. He startles Gabrielle, and tells her, from outside, that his name is Hector and he's been sent by Carlos to look in on her. She wants him to leave, so he goes out to his car. She locks the door.
    2. Tom shows Lynette that the boys know what to do about strangers. Tom's convinced they're safe but Lynette's sure it will go in one ear and out the other.
    3. Bree's outside when Leila, one of George's exes, approaches. She's read about the engagement and needs to talk to Bree.
    4. Inside Bree's house, Leila tells Bree she dated George for six months. She continues to describe how George became possessive and even set her ex's car on fire. Bree's upset -- with Leila. Bree doesn't believe these stories and tells Leila to leave. Angry, Leila suggests Bree's a good match for George after all.
    5. Sophie's happy Susan finally arrived at her wedding rehearsal. As Sophie and Susan start to march forward, Susan asks about her father, as she couldn't find any evidence of his existence. Morty approaches and learns of the problem. Sophie doesn't want to handle this now, and exits, after first declaring she's a bad mother. Morty tells the minister he does know what he's getting himself into.

    1. Morty informs Susan that Sophie went home. She wants to know where her father is, and gets in Morty's car to hear his answer. He has a rambling story about how he lost his virginity in an alley behind a Korean nudie stand, to point out that everyone's done things they're ashamed of. He tells Susan her father's no war hero, and Susan realizes her father and Sophie had a one night stand.
    2. George is stocking stuff at the pharmacy when Bree enters to tell him of Leila's visit. George explains that Leila's a liar who still wants him -- and he can prove it.
    3. George shows Bree the records on Leila, who had antidepressants and antipsychotics. He believed her, he says, because in the beginning you can be blind to your better half's flaws. As Bree leaves, she removes her engagement ring. And we see George wasn't using Leila's records, but someone else's.
    4. Gabrielle comes home to find Hector there. She tells him to go home, as she's going shopping! He thinks she's trying to make up for something, but he's never heard of shopping out the pain. She yells at him.
    5. Betty's suspicious when Matthew goes out. He says he's going to look for Caleb in the park, before Caleb hurts someone else -- and he's talking about Melanie, not Gabrielle.
    6. In the park, Matthew finds Danielle waiting for him.

    1. Sophie's preparing her reception as Susan arrives. Will Susan still be her matron of honor? Yes. Susan understands her mother lied to protect her. They end up hugging.
    2. Lynette sees her co-worker Stu working and tells him she has a job for him. He's excited, as he's ready for more responsibiity. And she tells him she wants him to kidnap her kids.
    3. At home, Lynette brings Tom to the window and they watch the twins outside. Stu drives up and Tom realizes Lynette's brought Stu there to try and kidnap the kids. Stu entices them with various things, none of which works -- until he offers candy. They go to Stu and his car. That's when Mrs. McClusky comes along and uses a taser on Stu, then gets the kids to run away. Lynette's horrified to realize what's happened.
    4. At Morty and Sophie's wedding reception, Morty gives a speech about taking Sophie on a 4 month cruise. Sophie begins her own speech, speaking the praises of Morty and Susan. Then she admits she's a horrible person, as Susan's father was no one night stand; he was 33, married, and Sophie's boss. He dumped her after learning of the pregnancy, and his name's Addison Prudy, but she doesn't know where he is now. Someone at the wedding shouts out that Susan's father works at a feed and supply store. Susan's mad as she realizes her father's lived on the other side of town all these years and she never knew. She storms off and Julie follows. Morty questions whether Sophie's still seeing this man.

    1. Bree's out of it at a restaurant but tells George she's just feeling tired. She explains she's not wearing her ring because the jewel's loose and has to be taken to the jeweler. That's when Ty Grant, Bree's ex, shows up, and George learns Ty and Bree dated in college. George reveals he's engaged to Bree. Bree asks Ty to dance and George is jealous as the dance begins. George cuts in to the dance in hopes of getting Bree to put on her ring again, so Bree gets mad and tells George the engagement's off! George leaves...
    2. And George manages to get Ty's car, and drives away in it.
    3. Hector's peeling an apple outside Gabrielle's home when she arrives. He notices her new haircut and she points out she's had a full makeover. She wants to pay him a thousand dollars to leave, and he agrees, but they'll need to go to the bank to cash her check. When she gets into his car, she realizes there are no handles and she's locked inside. He tells her Carlos didn't send him there to watch over her. And then, he drives off.

    1. Hector's brought Gabrielle to a park, where they'll be alone. As he goes to get something from the back of the car, she starts to run away -- until she realizes he's pulled out a balloon. Carlos sent him to help her with her grief, which he knows all about after spending 17 years in prison. She's supposed to release the balloon, which will symbolize her acknowledging and releasing her grief. She claims this is a stupid idea, but as she goes to get it over with, she's apparently overcome with emotion and tells him the names she would have given the child. She lets the balloon rise into the air.
    2. At home, Mike's dog Bongo barks at something outside, and Mike goes to check it outside. What is it? It's Caleb! Mike chases him down and tackles him to the ground. Mrs. McClosky runs up and agrees to go call the police.
    3. The police are there to pick up Caleb, as others look on.
    4. Mary Alice begins her final voice-over speech. We see George as he watches Ty's car burn.
    5. Tom watches his kids as they play outside.
    6. Susan watches her father from her car.
    7. Everyone watches Caleb as he's taken away. Betty puts her hand to her mouth, signaling to Caleb to be quiet. He appears to take the hint as he's taken away.

    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of I WISH I COULD FORGET YOU

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    1. George starts for Mary Alice’s door as she talks of how George has a history of being unlucky in love.
    2. FLASHBACK: A woman closes the door in George’s face -- she’s afraid to wake her roommate.
    3. FLASHBACK: A woman closes the door in George’s face -- she wants to be early for work.
    4. FLASHBACK: A woman closes the door in George’s face -- she’s saving herself for marriage.
    5. Back in the present, Bree answers the door and lets George in -- Mary Alice tells us his luck’s changing.
    6. After dinner, Bree’s pleased with how the duck turned out, but George is more interested in her. He lets down her hair and then scoots closer to her. She likes his first kiss, but then he throws himself on her -- and she has to stop because of a rash, which is spreading all over her.
    7. Bree tosses George out of her house, as he’s given her hives, while Mary Alice says that at least this excuse for George was original.

    1. Mary Alice says that little girls dream of big white weddings, as do some big girls. She’s talking about Susan, who’s preparing her mother Sophie in Sophie’s wedding dress. Mike’s there too. Susan’s going to put on the dress, and Sophie wants him to leave -- he can’t see her in it! But Mike suggests that Susan can get her own wedding dress. He suggests he’ll be proposing soon but doesn’t want to spill more. Susan claims to be okay with this but clearly wants more info.
    2. Bree’s talking to her therapist Dr. Goldfine about the hives. He suspects she subconsciously sabotaged her experience with George, but Bree doesn’t even believe in the subconscious. She denies that the hives are psychosomatic. He points out that she keeps touching where her wedding ring went and she can’t really answer that.
    3. Lynette, Nina, and others are at a meeting at work. Lynette will be giving a presentation but Nina doesn’t want her to wear the green suit. Why? Nina forces coworker Stu to note it has stains on it -- and her pants have a split seam. Clearly Lynette’s embarrassed.
    4. At the courthouse, David isn’t happy to find that Gabrielle’s wearing a stunning dress, as she was told to look maternal. As they argue about this, someone names Louis, angry at David for his former work, approaches David and then pulls a gun. David manages to not be hit and even ends up with the gun, but then gets shot anyway for his troubles.

    1. Mary Alice talks about a common annoyance like weeds coming back -- and we see Paul’s back, too, mowing his lawn. At their homes, Gabrielle and Bree have seen this and are talking about it on the phone. Does Susan know, they wondet? She’s home with groceries and drops them after seeing Paul. He tries to return a can of pie filling but she doesn’t want him to approach. Bree and Gabrielle join Susan, informing Paul the police have been called. The police arrive moments later.
    2. Many people have gathered in the neighborhood, and Edie talks to Ida Greenberg and Mrs. Frome about how they knew Paul -- Edie says she won, as she made out with him! Susan thinks the police should talk to Mike about what happened. But when the police goes to Mike, he denies any knowledge of Paul being a killer and then leaves for a job. Edie questions whether Susan’s smoking something.
    3. Tom’s happy to see Lynette in a hot white suit, but when he learns it costs 900 dollars, and she has several thousand dollars worth of suits, he objects. He made sacrifices over the years when it came to work clothes, and now it’s her turn, even though she hasn’t bought a new suit in 6 years. He reminds her of the various things they need to buy for their kids, and she reluctantly agrees to take the clothes back. She tells Tom to leave the room, as she wants to be alone with the clothes first.
    4. Bree’s reading in bed when she decides to call…
    5. George, who informs her he has an antihistamine for her rash. But she has other things on her mind: she wants him to arrange for a romantic getaway for them at a hotel. After telling him this, she ends the call, and George is happy with this development.
    6. At night, Mike comes home to find Susan mad at him for lying to the police. He explains he could go to prison again if he revealed what happened in the desert, and Susan could be in trouble true as Mrs. Huber’s journal reveals Susan burnt down Edie’s home. Mike wants Paul gone too, and thinks Zach will return when he learns Paul is back. Susan makes a guilty comment about that being the silver lining.

    1. Gabrielle greets David at the hospital with a card . She’s surprised to learn she’s the first visitor he’s had in 2 days. His office did send flowers with a card joking about never realizing David could bleed. She helps him cut his meal since he can’t cut yet. He tells her that when the ambulance came he thought he was going to die, and thanks her for not joking about it. Gabrielle feeds a happy looking David his food.
    2. At work, Lynette comes in dressed in her drab regular suit, but then turns around--
    3. And outside, she gets her nice white suit from the trunk. Lynette rushes in with the new suit.
    4. In the bathroom, Lynette changes into her new suit, and tucks away the tag.
    5. As she’s going to the presentation, Nina’s flattered Lynette took her advice to heart and got a great new suit. Lynette lies, insisting she’s had this suit for some time.
    6. Lynette’s presentation does okay, but then Nina sees the tag. Nina makes a scene and rips off the tag, then tells the others Lynette just bought the great suit.
    7. At the courtroom, the judge is happy to see David’s back, but when David starts a move for dismissal of the charges against Carlos, he pauses and then says he can’t continue. David leaves, to Gabrielle and Carlos’ horror.
    8. Gabrielle confronts David, who quits. He declares he loves Gabrielle and doesn’t want to help Carlos out. A stunned Gabrielle threatens to shoot David with a gun again, but she can’t get through to him.

    1. Susan’s working under her sink when someone’s at the door and she calls out for the person to come in. It’s Paul, and she’s mad at his presence. He has the flyer about Zach’s disappearance, and questions whether he’s hiding at Susan’s place again. She says no. Paul grabs for the knife Susan was looking for, and approaches her, appearing menacing. Scared, Susan admits she gave Zach money to go to Utah. Paul hands Susan the knife and suggests she looks jittery.
    2. At prison, Gabrielle tells Carlos she’ll do anything needed to fix the problem with David, but Carlos wants nothing of this, as he’s convinced David and Gabrielle plotted this out beforehand so they could sleep together. Angry at this insinuation, Gabrielle tells her husband she’s been faithful . .. while he’s in prison, anyway. She vows to fix the problem as she’s going to bring Carlos home.
    3. Bree and George check in at the front desk of the hotel; she wants to go antiquing. When the man at the desk mistakes Bree for George’s wife, Bree feels guilty and tells George she can’t be with him as her rash is back! They drove 3 hours away for this trip and George doesn’t want to go back. He agrees to separate rooms. As she goes to get the antiques brochure, Bree’s happy to tell George the rash is gone.
    4. Tom’s mad when Lynette comes home in her nice suit, but she tells her husband she did well in the meeting because of the suit. She needs stuff like this occasionally, because it makes her happy -- and a better parent. And that can work for Tom too, for she has new golf clubs for him. Seduced by the lure of the clubs, Tom tells Lynette he feels like a better parent already.
    5. Bree and George are eating together; he ignores her as he sees a kissing couple nearby. He pulls his hand from hers as he fears the return of the rash. But he has the antihistamines for the problem. Should she take them with wine, she wonders? He doesn’t think it’s a problem, and since he’s the pharmacist, she takes the medication -- and then he takes her hand.
    6. Later, the combo of wine and antihistamines have left Bree apparently drunk and George leads her towards her bedroom.
    7. George lays Bree down in bed and takes off her shoes. He tells her he loves her and wants her to love him back. By this point, she’s out like a light. George loosens his tie -- just what is he going to do?

    1. Bree wakes to find George near her bed; he tells her he watched her sleep, and she slept like an angel. When she wonders why he didn’t sleep next to her, he says she’s clearly not ready for that. She wants him to be patient with her, but he makes it clear he can’t wait forever. When he goes to leave, she tells him to stay, and Bree says she’ll get over anty rash she develops. The two kiss, and then George falls on top of her, as the clock reads 3:25.
    2. Later, it’s 4:30, and while he sleeps, Bree’s sitting near the bed, looking over at George.
    3. David finds Gabrielle at home, where she strips down. She won’t leave Carlos, but agrees to an affair. Will he sleep with her on Gabrielle’s terms? David accepts Gabrielle’s offer but as he goes to kiss her, she keeps him away. She’s proven he only wants sex and not love, as he was willing to have an affair -- something Carlos would never do. She also makes it clear she’ll sue for sexual harrassment if he doesn’t take Carlos back.

    1. Paul’s gardening when Mike approaches. Mike tells Paul no one wants Paul there. Paul cleverly suggests what Susan did to get rid of Zach, and Mike asks for more info.
    2. Sophie’s pleased by how good Susan looks in the wedding dress. Mike enters with a question that Sophie thinks is a marriage proposal, but instead he questions her about what happened with Zach. She tearfully admits the truth, though she tries to explain why she did what she did. He starts out.
    3. Outside, Susan’s crying and pleaing with Mike to listen to her, but he’s done with her and gets in the car. Around the neighborhood, Lynette, Bree, and Gabrielle see all of this happening as Mike drives away and Susan’s left sobbing. Paul sees this and goes into his house, as Sophie and the other women come towards Susan. Mary Alice closes by telling us many little girls dream of a wedding, but some of those dreams don’t come true . . .