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  • Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of THEY ASKED ME WHY I BELIEVE IN YOU

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    1. Mary Alice tells us that Lynette’s noticed her boss Nina is often tense -- as we see Nina snap a pencil in half.
    2. FLASHBACK: Lynette brought Nina a wave machine in hopes of calming her.
    3. FLASHBACK: Lynette brought Nina candles.
    4. FLASHBACK: Lynette brought meditation tea balls.
    5. Back in the present, Nina snaps at Lynette and two co-workers for an awful proposed campaign. How can Lynette relax her boss this time?
    6. Lynette and Nina at a bar. Nina admits she hasn’t been at a bar in ages -- nor has she dated in forever. She’s shy with men. Lynette goes over to a man who’s been checking Nina out and asks him to buy Nina a drink.
    7. The next morning, Nina comes to work with mussed hair and wearing the same clothing as the night before. She’s also much cheerier, and Mary Alice tells us that Lynette managed to release Nina’s tension . . . the old-fashioned way.

    1. Mary Alice says that everyone needs someone to depend on . . . a companion, a confidante, a friend. And we see all this around the neighborhood as a car drives up towards Susan’s.
    2. The man who comes out of the car is Lonny Moon, Susan’s book agent, and, according to Mary Alice, a close friend.
    3. FLASHBACK: Lonny and Susan, promoting her first book.
    4. FLASHBACK: Lonny and Susan, as he takes her, pregnant, to the hospital to deliver Julie.
    5. FLASHBACK: Lonny and Susan, on a mule in what appears to be Mexico, vacationing in the aftermath of Susan and Karl’s divorce.
    6. Back in the present, Susan’s happy to see Lonny, who says it’s after noon -- and time to drink!
    7. At a bar, Lonny tells Susan he plans on starting his own agency, and wants her to join him. She agrees but when he discourages her from telling their former agency she’s leaving, her suspicions are aroused. Lonny admits he was moving clients’ money around -- but he doesn’t like it when Susan calls it “embezzlement.” He swears he didn’t move her money. She declares she can’t hate him and agrees to be his client still.
    8. At jail, Carlos has been looking at Gabrielle’s ultrasound but he can’t quite make out the body parts -- so she quips she’ll be putting the socks on their kid. Carlos sees that Gabrielle’s glowing because of the pregnancy. But where is David? Gabrielle insists David’s an excellent lawyer who hasn’t lost a case in 6 years. Carlos is jazzed til David shows up, looking especially handsome. As Carlos and David shake hands, David’s hand is on Gabrielle’s shoulder. Carlos gets up and walks off, telling Gabrielle to find him a new lawyer.
    9. Bree and her lawyer are at the police station, where the lawyer insists they file charges against Bree or release Rex’s body to her. Bree proceeds to threaten a lawsuit but the detectives don’t take kindly to threats. Detective Barton plays good cop and tells Bree she can have the body. Bree insists on having the body herself so she can give Rex a proper second burial. And she finishes by telling Barton that he’s a gentleman.
    10. As a news report about a girl named Melanie Foster’s playing in the background, Lynette’s at work on phone with Tom, suggesting she’ll be home soon. But Nina shows up, wanting to go out again. Can’t Nina go with Trudy? No, Nina doesn’t want Trudy, since Trudy’s hot and single. Lynette agrees to one drink, though Nina ups it to two drinks.
    11. Betty gets mail meant for the Youngs.
    12. Betty takes mail back to the Youngs and places it in a large box. Mail is overflowing at the Young house.
    13. Betty’s arrived at Edie’s with mail for Edie. Edie reveals the postman had a stroke, hence the bad deliveries. As she goes off to get something, Betty’s attention is attracted by a news report from Chicago, where an arrest has been made in an attack on 17 year old Melanie Foster, who was murdered 4 months ago. When Edie returns, Betty’s gone.
    14. Betty hurries back to her house--
    15. --where she finds Matthew’s seen the news too. He sees this as a positive development -- it means they’re in the clear.

    1. Bree, Gabrielle, Susan, and Edie are playing poker when Bree informs them she’s finally got Rex’s body released, and it took so long because they believed she might have killed Rex. Edie plays devil’s advocate and says that Bree is wound tightly and it’s always the super-moms who snap first. Bree’s arranged a reburial on Friday and wants them all to come. Everyone agrees but Edie, but after Susan kicks her, Edie agrees too. Bree tells the women she was too shocked before to say goodbye to Rex, and this will be her last chance -- unless, as Edie not so helpfully points out, they dig Rex’s body up again.
    2. Gabrielle and Carlos are at a group counseling session at prison, watching as one man hugs his wife after declaring he’ll never beat her up again. Another wife, Mona, wants to go next, but it’s Carlos’ and Gabrielle’s turn. Carlos denies marital problems but Gabrielle brings up the trouble with David and realizes Carlos is jealous. When Carlos brings up the affair and there’s gasps. Mona’s husband Lamar questions if David is hot and we see just what kind of problem Mona and Lamar have in their marriage…
    3. Mike disagrees with Susan’s decision to sign a contract with Lonny, but Susan defends her decision: Lonny’s like family. When Mike notes that Lonny committed a felony, Susan reminds him that Mike’s done so too. Mike doesn’t believe in second chances, and on that unhappy note, he leaves Susan to go to work. Alone with Julie, Susan tells her daughter that she did something bad . . . she found Zach and sent him away. She can’t decide whether to tell Mike or not, as both choices look bad. But Julie realizes Susan did it for her…
    4. A package arrives at the Young house.

    1. Nina wants to go out for drinks with Lynette -- again. Lynette backs out; she promised to help the twins with a science project. Nina makes it clear that she can find Lynette a less demanding account if Lynette’s not available for longer hours. Nina pretends to play nice but knowing the possible consequences, Lynette agrees to go out with Nina again.
    2. At the bar, Nina sees a man, and tells Lynette to go get him for her.
    3. Betty’s working on a letter when an alarm goes off, leading her to…
    4. …take a tray to the basement. We see her with Caleb, her prisoner. She tells him that he must talk about what happened with Melanie -- she can’t let him go until he accepts what he did to her.
    5, Upstairs, Matthew finds the letter, which says that they found the wrong man concerning the Melanie Foster case.
    6. Betty goes upstairs as Matthew yells out. As she goes, she leaves the door unlocked.
    7. Matthew’s mad at his mother for writing the letter.
    8. Caleb’s overhearing this . . . and he starts for the door to the basement…
    9. Betty reminds her son that Caleb’s confused . . . but Matthew doesn;’t think he’s quite that confused.
    10. Caleb is coming up the stairs . . . ready to get out of the basement. But he overhears Betty as she says the authorities won’t care how slow Caleb is . . . they’ll execute him. Hearing this, Caleb goes back to his basement home.

    1. Susan knocks at Lonny’s house and then enters--
    2. --to find a surprised Lonny there. She has the new contract. Susan’s surprised how messy the place is -- and surprised to learn Lonny’s wife is in Minnesota -- and she’s surprised he has no electricity. Lonny’s forced to admit he’s financially destitute, as it’s difficult to pay back so much money at once, with interest. After Susan pressures him, he admits he stole money from Susan too, but paid her back before the other clients. She can no longer trust Lonny but he steals the contract from her and tries to run away. This leads to them falling on the floor together as Susan wrestles the contract back from Lonny.
    3. Gabrielle’s outside doing yoga. David arrives, to Gabrielle’s surprise, and he lets himself into her house--
    4. --in the kitchen, David admires Gabrielle’s bottle of wine, but she’s more interested in the fact that Carlos is threatened by David. David agrees to tell Carlos something that will allow him to stay on as Carlos’ client. As he leaves, he takes the wine with him, telling Gabrielle to put it on his bill.
    5. Lonny tells Susan he had bad real estate investments and it led to everything that’s happened. His wife left him and took everything. Susan can’t be his client anymore but can be his friend. Lonny mistakes her friendship for more and tries to kiss Susan, causing Susan to run out on him.
    6. In Chicago, two detectives investigating the mystery of Melanie Foster have received the letter from Betty -- and this looks credible as it includes information about the ax that was used.
    7. Bree’s about to get the body but the attendant at the morgue needs one form first. After he leaves, Detective Barton enters; Bree thanks him for her help, as no one could ever believe she killed Rex -- but he presents her with the letter Rex wrote to Bree, saying he understands and forgives her. Barton urges Bree to come clean, but she stands her ground, as she knows what Rex deserves -- so she wheels the body away.

    1. At prison, Carlos is meeting David and Gabrielle. David’s pitch to his potential client: he does want to sleep with Gabrielle. And he will sleep with her, unless Carlos signs on with him. Gabrielle tries and fails to laugh this off. Carlos jumps at this new offer.
    2. Lynette’s at the bar with Nina for the fifth night in a row, but Nina refuses to let her go home. A man approaches Lynette and flirts with her, even placing his hand on her thigh. Though she points out her wedding ring, he has one too! He’s seen her there every night this week…she’s a regular. And, Mary Alice tells us, Lynette realized this inebriated guy was right.
    3. In the bathroom, Lynette removes some of her clothing and puts on makeup.
    4. Back in the bar, Lynette’s quite the hit. She dances around, is surrounded by many men, and even dances on top of the bar, as Nina’s left alone.
    5. Later, Lynette joins a dejected Nina at the table, and Mary Alice says that Lynette knew she’d never have to go out with Nina again.

    1. At the cemetery, Gabrielle, Edie, Susan, and Lynette are there as a late Bree arrives. She’s going to lead them to Rex’s new grave, which she chose because, as she tells them, he died thinking she killed him. She details everything she did for Rex, including checking his back for acne. As Rex’s coffin is placed in the new hole, Bree tosses her wedding ring down on top,
    2. Mary Alice begins her speech about everyone needing someone…
    3. an advocate … Carlos and David meet at prison.
    4. a loving family . . . . Lynette greets Tom with baby Penny.
    5. Lonny’s alone by himself.
    6. And Paul Young is back at his own house, where he uses a knife to open his mail…


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