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  • Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of THEY ASKED ME WHY I BELIEVE IN YOU

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    1. Mary Alice tells us that Lynette’s noticed her boss Nina is often tense -- as we see Nina snap a pencil in half.
    2. FLASHBACK: Lynette brought Nina a wave machine in hopes of calming her.
    3. FLASHBACK: Lynette brought Nina candles.
    4. FLASHBACK: Lynette brought meditation tea balls.
    5. Back in the present, Nina snaps at Lynette and two co-workers for an awful proposed campaign. How can Lynette relax her boss this time?
    6. Lynette and Nina at a bar. Nina admits she hasn’t been at a bar in ages -- nor has she dated in forever. She’s shy with men. Lynette goes over to a man who’s been checking Nina out and asks him to buy Nina a drink.
    7. The next morning, Nina comes to work with mussed hair and wearing the same clothing as the night before. She’s also much cheerier, and Mary Alice tells us that Lynette managed to release Nina’s tension . . . the old-fashioned way.

    1. Mary Alice says that everyone needs someone to depend on . . . a companion, a confidante, a friend. And we see all this around the neighborhood as a car drives up towards Susan’s.
    2. The man who comes out of the car is Lonny Moon, Susan’s book agent, and, according to Mary Alice, a close friend.
    3. FLASHBACK: Lonny and Susan, promoting her first book.
    4. FLASHBACK: Lonny and Susan, as he takes her, pregnant, to the hospital to deliver Julie.
    5. FLASHBACK: Lonny and Susan, on a mule in what appears to be Mexico, vacationing in the aftermath of Susan and Karl’s divorce.
    6. Back in the present, Susan’s happy to see Lonny, who says it’s after noon -- and time to drink!
    7. At a bar, Lonny tells Susan he plans on starting his own agency, and wants her to join him. She agrees but when he discourages her from telling their former agency she’s leaving, her suspicions are aroused. Lonny admits he was moving clients’ money around -- but he doesn’t like it when Susan calls it “embezzlement.” He swears he didn’t move her money. She declares she can’t hate him and agrees to be his client still.
    8. At jail, Carlos has been looking at Gabrielle’s ultrasound but he can’t quite make out the body parts -- so she quips she’ll be putting the socks on their kid. Carlos sees that Gabrielle’s glowing because of the pregnancy. But where is David? Gabrielle insists David’s an excellent lawyer who hasn’t lost a case in 6 years. Carlos is jazzed til David shows up, looking especially handsome. As Carlos and David shake hands, David’s hand is on Gabrielle’s shoulder. Carlos gets up and walks off, telling Gabrielle to find him a new lawyer.
    9. Bree and her lawyer are at the police station, where the lawyer insists they file charges against Bree or release Rex’s body to her. Bree proceeds to threaten a lawsuit but the detectives don’t take kindly to threats. Detective Barton plays good cop and tells Bree she can have the body. Bree insists on having the body herself so she can give Rex a proper second burial. And she finishes by telling Barton that he’s a gentleman.
    10. As a news report about a girl named Melanie Foster’s playing in the background, Lynette’s at work on phone with Tom, suggesting she’ll be home soon. But Nina shows up, wanting to go out again. Can’t Nina go with Trudy? No, Nina doesn’t want Trudy, since Trudy’s hot and single. Lynette agrees to one drink, though Nina ups it to two drinks.
    11. Betty gets mail meant for the Youngs.
    12. Betty takes mail back to the Youngs and places it in a large box. Mail is overflowing at the Young house.
    13. Betty’s arrived at Edie’s with mail for Edie. Edie reveals the postman had a stroke, hence the bad deliveries. As she goes off to get something, Betty’s attention is attracted by a news report from Chicago, where an arrest has been made in an attack on 17 year old Melanie Foster, who was murdered 4 months ago. When Edie returns, Betty’s gone.
    14. Betty hurries back to her house--
    15. --where she finds Matthew’s seen the news too. He sees this as a positive development -- it means they’re in the clear.

    1. Bree, Gabrielle, Susan, and Edie are playing poker when Bree informs them she’s finally got Rex’s body released, and it took so long because they believed she might have killed Rex. Edie plays devil’s advocate and says that Bree is wound tightly and it’s always the super-moms who snap first. Bree’s arranged a reburial on Friday and wants them all to come. Everyone agrees but Edie, but after Susan kicks her, Edie agrees too. Bree tells the women she was too shocked before to say goodbye to Rex, and this will be her last chance -- unless, as Edie not so helpfully points out, they dig Rex’s body up again.
    2. Gabrielle and Carlos are at a group counseling session at prison, watching as one man hugs his wife after declaring he’ll never beat her up again. Another wife, Mona, wants to go next, but it’s Carlos’ and Gabrielle’s turn. Carlos denies marital problems but Gabrielle brings up the trouble with David and realizes Carlos is jealous. When Carlos brings up the affair and there’s gasps. Mona’s husband Lamar questions if David is hot and we see just what kind of problem Mona and Lamar have in their marriage…
    3. Mike disagrees with Susan’s decision to sign a contract with Lonny, but Susan defends her decision: Lonny’s like family. When Mike notes that Lonny committed a felony, Susan reminds him that Mike’s done so too. Mike doesn’t believe in second chances, and on that unhappy note, he leaves Susan to go to work. Alone with Julie, Susan tells her daughter that she did something bad . . . she found Zach and sent him away. She can’t decide whether to tell Mike or not, as both choices look bad. But Julie realizes Susan did it for her…
    4. A package arrives at the Young house.

    1. Nina wants to go out for drinks with Lynette -- again. Lynette backs out; she promised to help the twins with a science project. Nina makes it clear that she can find Lynette a less demanding account if Lynette’s not available for longer hours. Nina pretends to play nice but knowing the possible consequences, Lynette agrees to go out with Nina again.
    2. At the bar, Nina sees a man, and tells Lynette to go get him for her.
    3. Betty’s working on a letter when an alarm goes off, leading her to…
    4. …take a tray to the basement. We see her with Caleb, her prisoner. She tells him that he must talk about what happened with Melanie -- she can’t let him go until he accepts what he did to her.
    5, Upstairs, Matthew finds the letter, which says that they found the wrong man concerning the Melanie Foster case.
    6. Betty goes upstairs as Matthew yells out. As she goes, she leaves the door unlocked.
    7. Matthew’s mad at his mother for writing the letter.
    8. Caleb’s overhearing this . . . and he starts for the door to the basement…
    9. Betty reminds her son that Caleb’s confused . . . but Matthew doesn;’t think he’s quite that confused.
    10. Caleb is coming up the stairs . . . ready to get out of the basement. But he overhears Betty as she says the authorities won’t care how slow Caleb is . . . they’ll execute him. Hearing this, Caleb goes back to his basement home.

    1. Susan knocks at Lonny’s house and then enters--
    2. --to find a surprised Lonny there. She has the new contract. Susan’s surprised how messy the place is -- and surprised to learn Lonny’s wife is in Minnesota -- and she’s surprised he has no electricity. Lonny’s forced to admit he’s financially destitute, as it’s difficult to pay back so much money at once, with interest. After Susan pressures him, he admits he stole money from Susan too, but paid her back before the other clients. She can no longer trust Lonny but he steals the contract from her and tries to run away. This leads to them falling on the floor together as Susan wrestles the contract back from Lonny.
    3. Gabrielle’s outside doing yoga. David arrives, to Gabrielle’s surprise, and he lets himself into her house--
    4. --in the kitchen, David admires Gabrielle’s bottle of wine, but she’s more interested in the fact that Carlos is threatened by David. David agrees to tell Carlos something that will allow him to stay on as Carlos’ client. As he leaves, he takes the wine with him, telling Gabrielle to put it on his bill.
    5. Lonny tells Susan he had bad real estate investments and it led to everything that’s happened. His wife left him and took everything. Susan can’t be his client anymore but can be his friend. Lonny mistakes her friendship for more and tries to kiss Susan, causing Susan to run out on him.
    6. In Chicago, two detectives investigating the mystery of Melanie Foster have received the letter from Betty -- and this looks credible as it includes information about the ax that was used.
    7. Bree’s about to get the body but the attendant at the morgue needs one form first. After he leaves, Detective Barton enters; Bree thanks him for her help, as no one could ever believe she killed Rex -- but he presents her with the letter Rex wrote to Bree, saying he understands and forgives her. Barton urges Bree to come clean, but she stands her ground, as she knows what Rex deserves -- so she wheels the body away.

    1. At prison, Carlos is meeting David and Gabrielle. David’s pitch to his potential client: he does want to sleep with Gabrielle. And he will sleep with her, unless Carlos signs on with him. Gabrielle tries and fails to laugh this off. Carlos jumps at this new offer.
    2. Lynette’s at the bar with Nina for the fifth night in a row, but Nina refuses to let her go home. A man approaches Lynette and flirts with her, even placing his hand on her thigh. Though she points out her wedding ring, he has one too! He’s seen her there every night this week…she’s a regular. And, Mary Alice tells us, Lynette realized this inebriated guy was right.
    3. In the bathroom, Lynette removes some of her clothing and puts on makeup.
    4. Back in the bar, Lynette’s quite the hit. She dances around, is surrounded by many men, and even dances on top of the bar, as Nina’s left alone.
    5. Later, Lynette joins a dejected Nina at the table, and Mary Alice says that Lynette knew she’d never have to go out with Nina again.

    1. At the cemetery, Gabrielle, Edie, Susan, and Lynette are there as a late Bree arrives. She’s going to lead them to Rex’s new grave, which she chose because, as she tells them, he died thinking she killed him. She details everything she did for Rex, including checking his back for acne. As Rex’s coffin is placed in the new hole, Bree tosses her wedding ring down on top,
    2. Mary Alice begins her speech about everyone needing someone…
    3. an advocate … Carlos and David meet at prison.
    4. a loving family . . . . Lynette greets Tom with baby Penny.
    5. Lonny’s alone by himself.
    6. And Paul Young is back at his own house, where he uses a knife to open his mail…

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY

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    1. Mary Alice talks about how the inmates at the Fairview County Jail always looked forward to Tuesdays when Gabrielle arrived for her visit. And we see them in the yard watching as she struts in.
    2. In a flashback, Gabrielle walks in as one the men shows off his behind to her.
    3. Another flashback . . . one of the inmates dances for Gabrielle.
    4. Back in the present, Gabrielle’s walking with Carlos’ lawyer as they argue over her wish to have a conjugal visit with Carlos. When she tells the lawyer he works for her, the lawyer pointedly tells her he’s not her maid -- or her gardener. She slaps him, twice; he calls her a crazy bitch; the inmates help out from behind the fence. As a riot starts to attack the lawyer, the guards move in with gas. And Mary Alice tells us this was the nicest compliment Gabrielle ever received.

    1. Mary Alice tells us that the fathers in the neighborhood could come home to find their families waiting for them -- and we see several fathers do just that.
    2. But Lynette arrives home as Mary Alice us says it wasn’t that easy for working mothers.
    3. Lynette looks in at Parker and covers him up, also noting an umbrella near him/
    4. Lynette goes downstairs and tells Tom she wishes she could spend more time with the kids. As she goes to eat something, he tells her it’s been left out for hours, for Mrs. Mulberry, Parker’s new imaginary friend, a British nanny. Lynette frets that Mrs. Mulberry’s a surrogate mommy, but Tom cautions her about being too sensitive. And Lynette wonders why Mrs. Mulberry got a bigger portion of food than her.
    5. Outside, Mike kisses Susan but she wants a bigger kiss. He pulls away; having a casual romance isn’t working for him. Susan disagrees: casual means there’s no commitment -- but also no dating anyone else. Mike tells his girlfriend that Zach’s part of his package now, and if she can’t accept it . . . Mike walks away, and Susan rushes after him, insisting she accepts Zach. They give up their casual romance, and plan to have sex ASAP.
    6. At prison, Gabrielle downplays the riot she started, and Carlos is displeased to learn it was because Gabrielle wanted a conjugal visit. Gabrielle thinks sex would help, and loudly announces this before remembering others can hear. He tells her to get a new lawyer.
    7. Bree kisses George on the forehead outside her home, and also says it’s too soon after Rex’s death for her to do anything more. Andrew comes out with the garbage and clearly doesn’t care for George one bit. Bree invites George to dinner, and Andrew then tries to get rid of George. George and Andrew get into a shoving match, and Bree wants it to stop. She turns to leave, after telling George she’ll be serving fish for dinner on Friday.

    1. Lynette wakes up a sleepy Parker so they can have doughnuts together before she goes to work.
    2. Lynette’s in the front seat with Parker in the back seat of the car. But Parker makes her stop the car because he didn’t bring Mrs. Mulberry. She can’t convince her son to leave his friend behind, so Lynette opens the car door for her. But she’s forgot her umbrella . . . so Lynette runs back to the house.
    3. Inside the house, Lynette rushes in to find Tom with one of the twins. She can’t find the umbrella.
    4. Lynette runs back out and shows Parker a sunhat. Parker tells his mom the umbrella was left in the showe, but she gets mad at Parker and won’t go back for it. Parker throws his own fit, gets out of the car, lets Mrs. Mulberry out, and storms away.
    5. Bree’s doing laundry when Andrew’s about to leave wearing a horrible shirt. She makes him change his shirt right there. He says he’s not going to be at the dinner with George, but she blackmails him into attending by saying he can’t afford the entrance fee to the swim meet he wants to be in soon. Andrew’s appalled his mom would stoop to blackmail, and Bree says she’ll go to any lengths to assure even seating.
    6. Susan’s passing out fliers about Zach when a catty Edie approaches; she knows the truth about Zach’s paternity and tells Susan that Susan’s only helping Mike because she loves Mike.

    1. We see handsome lawyer David Bradley in his office as Mary Alice tells us he was successful because --
    2. He’s persuasive -- David persuades a woman to kiss him.
    3. He’s forceful -- he forcefully kisses a woman.
    4. And he wins on appeal -- he appeals to a woman to kiss him, and they do.
    5. David tells Gabrielle he won’t take her case. He also briefly talks with his secretary, as his lunch meeting’s been cancelled. Gabrielle vows to throw tons of money at David in exchange for his help in getting a conjugal visit for Carlos, but David’s frank: he thinks Gabrielle should leave her doomed marriage. As Gabrielle goes to leave, she reminds him he’s eating alone, and it’s probably not his first time to do so.
    6. Lynette’s with several people from Parker’s school, who inform her that Parker rammed a teacher with Mrs. Mulberry’s umbrella because he couldn’t get his imaginary friend a desk. Lynette’s apologetic, but the people are more interested in learning what caused this. Has there been a death in the family? Lynette musters some tears, as she realizes it’s happening because she went back to work.
    7. At the Van De Kamp dinner, George laughs hysterically at his own story, while Andrew chuckles along. In the kitchen, Bree tells Danielle she’s relieved Andrew and George seem to be getting along. Andrew asks George if he’s ever been with a woman; he also pushes George’s buttons further by mimicking the moaning sounds he heard Bree make when she used to make love to Rex. When Bree returns with cobbler, and then makes the same moaning sound as she eats it, George is set off, and tries to send Andrew to his room. Bree’s confused by George, who rushes away when Bree won’t take his side against Andrew. Andrew’s pleased

    1. At home, Gabrielle gets a message from David, who wants to pass her on to a good divorce lawyer.
    2. An angry Gabrielle storms into David’s office. She thinks he’s acting inappropriately and doesn’t know her at all, but he calls her out on being a spoiled, pampered woman who expects excitement. He starts to hit on her but she ends this by informing David she’s pregnant. She negotiates a deal with David and hires him as Carlos’ lawyer, and wants a conjugal visit by noon tomorrow.
    3. Susan and Mike are at a park looking for Zach; they split up to cover more ground after first kissing.
    4. Susan gets two dishes of ice cream when the ice cream man points out Zach nearby. Susan runs after Zach, getting ice cream all over her in the process. She corners him -- but when he brandishes a 2 by 4, she runs away.
    5. A messy Susan finds Mike, and proceeds to lie about what happened as she claims she ate all the ice cream,
    6. Later, Susan’s told Bree and Gabrielle what happened. Gabrielle sides with Susan, calling Zach a freak, but Bree reminds them both that Zach is their friend Mary Alice’s son.

    1. Lynette and Tom disagree about how to handle Parker, and he gently reminds his wife they can’t afford to have two stay at home parents. Frustrated, Lynette attacks the dishwasher. He suggests they hug Parker ten times a day, but while she poo-poohs this parenting method, Tom gives her a loving hug.
    2. Lynette finds Parker in bed with the umbrella and a book, as Mrs. Mulberry’s reading to Parker. He gets mad when she takes the umbrella away. Lynette tries to tell her son that even though she’s working now, her love for Parker is real -- unlike Mrs, Mulberry. This only makes Parker angrier and he calls his mother a liar.
    3. As Bree and George eat watermelon outside, Bree’s told George she can’t see him anymore as she needs to spend more time with Andrew. He claims he agrees, but thinks Andrew should return to the counseling camp for more aid. Bree doesn’t think that should happen unless Andrew really acts up again. George sweetly tells Bree he likes Andrew . . . who reminds him a little bit of himself.
    4. Gabrielle and Carlos are left alone for their conjugal visit, but they don’t have long . . . not that they need long, as Carlos has his clothes off in the time it takes Gabrielle to turn around. And they fall on the bed together . . .
    5. After having sex, Gabrielle wonders if they’re going to make it, and Carlos teases her that they just did. But Gabrielle gets serious: Carlos will be a dad soon and he’s going to need to get a job. Carlos is ready to start over with her. He also asks about the new lawyer, but before Gabrielle can answer, Carlos gets a call and learns there’s only 30 minutes left. They decide to make the most of it…
    6. Susan sees Zach on a bench, and urges him not to run away this time. He can’t . . . he hurt his leg running away from her before. She convinces him to go eat.
    7. Susan and Zach sit at a booth in a restaurant, eating. Zach learns his father’s alive but gone, possibly to Utah. He wants to go after his father but Susan thinks he should come back home with her, though she purposefully doesn’t mention that Mike’s Zach’s dad. But when Zach thinks he might still have a chance with Julie as he thinks about her all the time, Susan changes her tune with Zach and tells him he should go to Utah to find Paul -- and she’s going to give him as much money as he needs to get there.

    1. Lynette’s in bed but gets up . . .
    2. In Parker’s room, she grabs the umbrella.
    3. Lynette tosses the umbrella in the outside garbage.
    4. The garbage man takes the trash away, but the umbrella falls out and to the ground.
    5. Parker wonders where his umbrella is, and Lynette plays dumb, suggesting to her son that Mrs. Mulberry left to help Spencer, an English orphan without any hands. When Tom wonders what Lynette did with Mrs. Mulberry, she’ll only say he can’t prove anything without a body.
    6. Tom, Lynette, and Parker exit the house -- where Parker sees the umbrella. But before he can reach Mrs. Mulberry, a car runs over and destroys the umbrella. Parker cries over his dead imaginary friend, but when Tom thinks 911 might help, Lynette tells her husband Mrs. Mulberry’s gone.
    7. At the swim meet, Andrew gets ready to swim as George joins Bree. The devious pharmacist tells her he’s going to stay away from her because Andrew needs the space, but he does give her a lovely gift. When she’s happy about this, George kisses her. A fuming Andrew leaves the pool and attacks George before he’s finally pulled off of the pharmacist. George is bleeding as an irate Andrew looks truly out of control.
    8. Mary Alice begins her voiceover about good fathers -- as Andrew packs his things to leave, while Bree looks on.
    9. Gabrielle and Carlos are still together . . .
    10. Mike picks up a flier from the ground showing Zach . . .
    11. And a crying Lynette blames herself for the death of Parker’s imaginary friend. Tom comforts his wife, insisting that one day she and Parker will laugh about what happened.

    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of YOU COULD DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY

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    1. Mary Alice talks about how Danny Farrell has been a paperboy for 6 months . . .
    2. And we see him toss a paper in a puddle, frustrating Gabrielle.
    3. He tosses a paper in a rosebush, frustrating Bree.
    4. And he tosses a paper on a cat in the sun, frustrating Ida Greenberg.,
    5. Susan sees her paper’s been left in the street. She goes out to get it, as Mary Alice talks about how obnoxious boys like Danny grow up to be obnoxious men . . . like Karl, who Susan sees getting the paper outside Edie’s home. Susan chases after Karl, who admits he’s sleeping with Edie. She forbids him from being with Edie but he doesn’t care about this one bit. As Susan storms off, Danny confronts Susan about a late payment for the newspaper, but Susan’s too angry with Karl to care. Susan tosses her paper at Danny; the paper hits the bike and causes him to crash. Mrs. Greenberg gives Susan a thumbs up as Mary Alice speaks of an enemy of an enemy being a friend….

    ACT I

    1.Mary Alice talks about various things . . . beautiful lawns, families, skirmishes, etc., as we see all these things.
    2. At home, Lynette sees the garbage is piled up. She confronts Tom, who says he cleans every two days. Why doesn’t she see it clean, Lynette wants to know. It always gets messed up before Lynette returns home. She wants him to clean it up, and as she picks up a plate and shows a utensil stuck to it, she makes her point that this is more than clutter.
    3. Bree and Phyllis at the dry cleaner’s, where Phyllis is frustrated the dry cleaner is not waiting on her yet. The dry cleaner gets to them and asks how Bree is, but Phyllis manipulates the situation and melodramatically cries and sobs about losing her son. Bree tries to get Phyllis out of there but she tells someone else that her life’s over now that her son’s dead.
    4. At prison, Gabrielle has checks for Carlos to sign, but she’s frustrated she can’t have control of the money herself. She insists she’d visit anyway, but Carlos doubts this and reminds her of the affair. He forgives her but doesn’t trust her. She wants to know why all rich men are jerks, but he wants to know why all beautiful women are bitches. As their meet ends, they kiss.
    5. As Susan’s doing the laundry, she and Julie talk about Karl and Edie. Julie knows it’s not a one night affair, and it’s been going on since the day after Julie’s birthday party. Susan remembers that was the time when Karl told Susan he still loved her, but she doesn’t tell Julie this. Julie reminds her mother they’re known for telling each other everything, but Susan says they’re known for . . . sharing clothes.
    6. We see the chained hands as they’re banging and clanging in the Applewhite basement.
    7. Upstairs, Matthew wants to know why their captive’s making the noise, and Betty says it’s because he knows it’s annoying. Matthew heads to the basement and yells at him to stop, but Betty reminds him they don’t talk to him: that’s part of the punishment. But why does she listen to it? Because, Betty says, that’s part of her punishment.

    ACT II

    1. At prison, Gabrielle’s meeting with Carlos again and is frustrated because she’ll be late for her hair appointment. Carlos is freaked; a guy named Richie is threatening him for $7,000 because it got out that Carlos is a rich man. Gabrielle’s to take the money to Richie’s girlfriend Rita. Gabrielle doesn’t understand why Carlos can’t handle it . . he did go to college on an athletic scholarship. But, Carlos reminds her, it was for golf.
    2. Mike’s at Susan’s place because he left all his pants there when he was going to move in. He gets them, and then wants to know where they are in their relationship. She doesn’t know, though she confesses she’s still crazy about him. She thinks they should keep things casual . . . see a movie, jogging, shopping . . . he pulls towards her, hoping to take things further, but she pulls away. He exits.
    3. Phyllis ends a tearful conversation on Bree’s phone and then Bree learns she was chatting with Bree’s electrician, who called to offer Bree condolences. Phyllis chastizes her mother-in-law for being too emotional, but Phyllis says Bree is withholding her grief and some wonder if Bree even mourns Rex’s passing.
    4. Gabrielle finds Rita in a rundown home, but when Gabrielle hands over the cash, Rita tosses down the money. As Gabrielle scoops up the money, she gets Rita back outside, where Rita reveals Richie wants Rita to use the money for a boob job. Gabrielle convinces Rita her breasts are fine as is and she should stand up to her husband, who can’t do anything to her from prison. Gabrielle leaves with the money.


    1. Lynette gets out of her car…
    2. Then goes inside to find the house is even more trashed.
    3. Lynette gets into bed with Tom and admits she loaded the dishwasher . . . and had to because the place is so messy. Tom apologizes about his system but Lynette doesn’t want any more talk of the system. Lynette really becomes mad when Tom refuses to change the baby-spittle covered sheets. She pulls off the covers and the sheets and hits her husband with a pillow.
    4. Lynette ends up on the couch. She watches TV and sees a bunch of mice…
    5. And so, the next day, Lynette brings home a mouse and places it inside her house.
    6. Susan approaches Betty outside and asks about the banging going on inside Betty’s house. Betty claims to be clueless but when the banging continues Betty says Matthew’s been doing projects at home and she’ll talk to Matthew about it. Betty politely excuses herself from talking with Susan.
    7. Bree and Phyllis are at a restaurant where Bree can’t get a hold of the insurance agent on the phone. Lynette approaches to ask Bree how she’s doing, but Phyllis becomes emotional again and takes attention away from Bree’s grieving. Bree slaps Phyllis, which shuts her mother-in-law up. Lynette exits and then Bree asks Phyllis if she needs more time with her menu.
    8. Insurance investigator Mr. Flannery is with Rex’s doctor, who’s having second thoughts about Bree even though he’s known Rex and Bree for years. He shows Mr. Flannery the letter Rex wrote to Bree: “I understand and I forgive you.”

    ACT IV

    1. Bree’s gardening when George approaches and says he’s there to kidnap her . . . and take her bowling. But she’s not ready to go anywhere, though she’s grateful for the effort. As they hug, she’s sad and he looks happy . . . and the hug’s witnessed by Phyllis.
    2. At prison, Gabrielle learns Carlos got attacked because Gabrielle didn’t give Rita the money. Gabrielle explains what happened but Carlos demands Gabrielle arrange the payoff anyway. She’ll only do it if she can have control of the checkbook back.
    3. Susan’s in her car to drive off when Edie -- who’s on roller skates -- approaches. Edie claims she feels awful Susan learned about Karl and her, but she taunts Susan about her first date with Karl, and how Karl claims sex with Edie was the best he’s ever had. Susan retaliates by saying Karl told her he still loved Susan. Susan drives off, but, Edie comes along in her skates and confronts Susan, insisting Susan admit she’s lying. When Susan refuses to take back what she said, Susan accidentally backs her car into Edie.

    ACT V

    1. Susan answers her door to find Karl, and she apologizes to him for running down Edie -- whose tibia was shattered. She also cut herself on thorns on the flowers Susan sent. Karl wonders if Susan’s jealous of Edie, and also reveals he moved in with Edie. She wants to be happy for her ex, but wanted to be happy with Mike first, and Karl and Edie are moving in together before she and Mike are. Does Karl love Edie? He doesn’t know, but says he’s never loved another woman like he loves Susan . . . and even now, she’s just down the block from him.
    2. Parker’s glad when Lynette gets out of the car . . . he tells his mom that Tom found a rat.
    3. Inside, Lynette’s happy to find a sparkling clean house. She kisses Tom and feigns surprise about the rat, then follows that with real surprise when she learns he killed the rat.
    4. As Lynette takes the garbage out, she looks into the can and thanks the rat for helping her with Lynette’s marriage.

    ACT VI

    1. Betty’s with a shrink and tells him a story about having an abusive husband, Virgil, who hurt her and then killed her son eight years ago. She claims she hasn’t been able to sleep lately because of nightmares about that. He gives Betty a prescription for drugs.
    2. Bree apologizes to Phyllis for slapping her before Bree goes off to talk with Rex’s lawyer about the will. Phyllis claims all’s forgiven, but as soon as Bree’s gone, Phyllis calls Mr. Flannery -- and tells him Bree has a boyfriend.
    3. Mary Alice talks about how people use various methods to control. Some, like Betty, use deception . . . and we see her place drugs in the food that goes on her prisoner’s tray.
    4. Lynette watches as Tom cleans…
    5. Gabrielle has control of the money…
    6. As Bree and George are together, Mr. Flannery sits outside in his car taking pictures of them together.