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  • Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Scene by scene summary of NEXT

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    1. We see Ida Greenberg as Mary Alice informs us that she was known for her drinking problem.
    2. We see Ida burping at a sewing bee…
    3. Burping at the Department of Motor Vehicles…
    4. And burping at the 1st Methodist Church…
    5. Back in the present, Ida’s got a bottle outside Mike’s house as Mike comes up and goes in…
    6. Where Mike finds Zach with the gun. But when Zach goes to shoot Mike, Susan goes after Zach. However, Bongo joins the fun by biting Susan. There’s a struggle, leading to Susan shooting…leading to Ida’s bottle being destroyed. Zach runs off. Mary Alice tells us that Ida realized that God works in mysterious ways, but he wasn’t very subtle..


    1. Mary Alice tells us it’s been a year since her death . . . as we see her picture.
    2. And, Mary Alice goes on to say, things have changed. Children have learned new games . . . Lynette’s kids are playing outside.
    3. Neighbors have moved in . . . and we see Betty and Matthew outside their house.
    4. And houses have been rebuilt . . . specifically, Edie is at the place where her home’s being made.
    5. But there’s been a tragedy. We see Bree’s house and then
    6. Inside Bree’s house, Bree waits with her phone and looks at the clock as it’s a bit from 9 in the morning.
    7. Susan and Julie are at the hospital where she’s not well as Mike and the police officer enter. Susan tells the officer about Zach threatening her with the gun but Mike sticks up for Zach. The officer decides to talk to Susan more later.
    8. Out in the hallway, Julie overhears Mike tell the officer that what happened between Susan and Zach was more of a domestic squabble than a violent encounter.
    9. Gabrielle comes out of her shower to find rose petals that lead her to.
    10. Her bedroom. John’s there, as he knows where she puts her key. Gabrielle’s angry at him for what he did to Carlos. And her anger grows as she sees he’s brought luggage since he wants to be with her forever now.
    11. Gabrielle tosses John out of her house, also throwing out his bag.
    12. Lynette’s surprised Tom would let the kids fingerpaint so early in the morning, but she’s even more worried as one of the kids almost gets his dirty hands on her. She also fears she’s been away from work for too long -- 7 years -- though Tom thinks she’s going to do great at her job interview.
    13. As the clock hits 9, Bree calls Lynette, makes polite conversation -- and then tells her that Rex is dead.
    14. Susan, Gabrielle, Lynette are outside discussing Rex’s death when they see Bree. They go over to her, where she maintains her composure while inquiring if one of them wants Rex’s soy milk. Bree’s mother-in-law, Phyllis Van De Kamp, shows up in a cab, over-the-top distraught about Rex’s death.


    1. Lynette’s being interviewed by Nina, who’s curious about the 7 year gap in Lynette’s resume. When Lynette explains her situation, Nina explains she decided not to have kids, as she didn’t want to try to do both, but Lynette insists she can handle the job and thinks work would be paradise compared to being a stay at home mother. Nina tells her that Ed wants to make the final decision, so the follow-up interview will be the next day at 3.
    2. The Van De Kamps are going through the things of Rex’s that Phyllis brought with her. Phyllis shows Bree the tie she thinks Rex should wear in his coffin but Bree objects, as it’s ugly orange. Andrew sees the dirty magazines of Rex’s that Phyllis kept and learns his father liked big breasts, and a catty Phyllis says that it surprised her when Rex took an interest in Bree.
    3. At prison, Carlos refuses to talk to Gabrielle as she admits to her affair. She tries to rationalize the affair--Carlos cheated on her by working so much, no one got hurt--and this leads Carlos to start to walk away. What does he want? A paternity test.
    4. Betty and Matthew are outside their home as Bree and Danielle approach with a welcome basket. Bree informs the new neighbors that her husband died, and Matthew tells Danielle he lost his father, too. Betty agrees to be the organist at Rex’s funeral. After Bree and Danielle exit, Betty chastizes Matthew for pretending his father’s dead, and declares that he should leave the cleverness to her.


    1. Susan’s putting up a fake security sign as Julie approaches. Susan tells Julie that Mike’s out looking for Zach to put him in prison, but Julie reveals what she overheard at the hospital.
    2. Gabrielle’s at a paternity test place where she tries -- and fails -- to get someone else’s test results from the woman behind the counter so she can Photoshop them. She sees another woman crying, learns about the woman’s bad test results, then convinces the woman to go out to coffee with her. Gabrielle then takes the woman’s test results from her.
    3. At her home, Bree is with Phyllis and the Reverend who are meeting together so he can get input before the funeral. Phyllis stayed up all night writing 15 pages of funny anecdotes about Rex, but Bree’s horrified to learn they all involved Rex’s life before he met Bree. As Bree and Phyllis argue, Phyllis tells Bree that Rex’s marriage was a disaster. A stunned Bree disinvites Phyllis from the funeral. Bree also threatens the reverend when he doesn’t want to stick up for Bree’s side.
    4. Edie’s outside her home as it continues to be rebuilt. Susan approaches and Edie says she’s heard about Zach -- but Edie’s more interested in knowing if Zach hurt Susan. Mike’s there too and he admits he didn’t want to press charges because Zach’s a good kid. Mike gets a call from the police and then he tells Susan that he has to go down to identify a dead body -- Zach’s.


    1. At the morgue, Susan and Mike go to identify the body -- but it’s not Zach, to Mike’s relief. Left alone with Mike, Susan asks him if Zach’s his son, and Mike confirms this news. Deidre was pregnant before he went to prison but she lied to him about having an abortion. He was going to hurt Paul until he realized Paul and Mary Alice had taken care of his son. A distraught Susan flees, telling Mike she’s going to take a cab home.
    2. Andrew and Danielle urge Bree to stop Phyllis from leaving, since Rex would want his mother at his funeral. Bree goes off…
    3. Bree tells Phyllis she tried her best with her marriage, and she demands Phyllis gives her respect. Phyllis caves, saying it was easier to be mad at Bree when she’s really mad at Rex for leaving her. Phyllis gets an invite to the funeral again, and then tells Bree to have someone take up her luggage - the whole huge pile of it.
    4. At home, Lynette finds Tom on his back, where he can’t get up. She’s mad he’s being a wuss, and as she pulls at his legs, she realizes he’s crying. Desperate to get to her job interview, Lynette reluctantly takes baby Penny with her.


    1. Lynette brings her baby to the office, where she approaches Stew, the guy behind a desk, in hopes he’ll take Penny off her hands.
    2. Lynette’s in the office with Nina and Ed, who has to leave soon for a basketball game. He’s playing basketball himself in the office with some trash. As she’s asked about what she can do, Lynette’s distracted to see that Penny’s been left on the desk. Lynette excuses herself and returns with Penny. Nina’s frustrated Lynette brought her child, but Lynette proves she can multitask as she changes the child’s diaper while giving a speech about what she can do for the company. An impressed Ed hires her and then leaves. Lynette tries to play ball herself with the dirty diaper but it only hits the glass.
    3. At prison, Gabrielle tells Carlos it’s his child, but the paternity test results aren’t enough for him, as he demanded fidelity. She, however, thinks that him messing with her birth control pills was worse. They do manage to be reminded that they once expected a happier marriage . . . but, they’re happy to say, at least they’re still rich.
    4. Mike finds Susan on his porch. She tells him she was rude before. She knows he must want a relationship with Zach -- but she can’t be around Zach. So they can’t move in together. Susan tries, and fails, to make it appear she’s happy for Mike, as she’s crying. She flees Mike’s porch.


    1. At the church, Betty plays the organ as just about everyone seems to be in attendance. Mike and Susan are seated apart; the Van De Kamps approach the body to pay their respects, but when Bree goes to Rex’s body she sees he’s wearing the awful orange tie. As Bree takes her seat, she confronts Phyllis about the awful tie. The reverend begins his speech.
    2. Later, as the speech ends and the coffin’s about to be closed, Bree screams out, then goes through the church, looking at people’s ties. She takes Tom’s tie, approaches the coffin, sits up Rex’s body, and puts the better tie on him. Finally, she tells Rex, “You look magnificent” and then she walks out of the church…
    3. Afterwards, Susan, Bree, Gabrielle, and Lynette are walking through Wisteria Lane as Susan’s telling them the truth about Mary Alice’s secrets. They conclude they can’t really know what neighbors are hiding from each other. And as we move away from them and towards the Applewhite home, Mary Alice begins to talk again about how things have changed in the past year.
    4. Inside the Applewhite home, Betty’s playing the piano when Matthew comes towards her with a tray . . . just as he’s been preparing a tray of food every night. He added a flower to the tray, which Betty thinks is nice of him. She takes the tray, and he takes the gun Betty gives him.
    5. Betty and Matthew go into a basement, where they set the tray down and then leave. After they’re gone, we see a hand as it grabs the glass of water . . . just who are Betty and Matthew keeping in their basement?


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